Practice Observations - Day Two

Today, I talk about the quarterback race and who won today's battle in my mind. Plus, I will talk a little bit about what's going on in the secondary and other tidbits from day two of practice for the Florida Gators.

The battle at quarterback continued today and a statement was made by Ingle Martin who outshined the young pup Chris Leak.  Ingle was very sharp and threw tight spirals all day.  He made one error, but other than that was flawless during team and squad drills.  Leak continues to shine in one on one drills but makes some rookie mistakes.  Gavin Dickey and Justin Midgett threw in a downfall of heavy rain and learned how to throw a wet ball.

Martin really looked poised and confident during pass skeleton.  Ingle finished 8 of 11 and ended his run by missing his last two attempts.  After hitting 8 of his first 9 Martin got a little bit greedy and was "baited" into an interception by Jarvis Herring at safety.  Martin moved it around today finding the running backs, tight ends and wide receivers.I  ngle looks the most comfortable under center of any of the quarterbacks while showing he can throw to other people without the last name Troupe.  His best throw of the day was a frozen rope over the middle to Terrence Holmes.  Overall, a tremendous day for the sophomore who really showed that it's going to be quite a battle for the position.

Leak shows his skills best in one on one drills.  His ability to hit the fade versus man coverage with such limited experience is very Wuerffel-esque.  During pass skeleton Leak takes more chances down the field.  Sometimes he does this because the defense dictates it and sometimes he may be trying to force a big play.  Leak started 2 for 8 and struggled during a stretch of good coverage by missing five consecutive passes.  He threw an interception to Guss Scott that was a cross the field out that really could have rattled his confidence.  Following that interception he completed 4 in a row to finish 6 for 12 and regain some momentum.  Andre Caldwell was the beneficiary of two of those four completions.  Leak even stopped one play in cadence to fix the motion by Caldwell who had run the wrong way.  Overall, a solid day but he was certainly over shadowed by Martin as they practice together for the second consecutive day.

Gavin Dickey and Justin Midgett went through the rain and had a hard time gripping the wet ball.  It was very difficult to see or evaluate them.  Zook loves Midgett's quick release and said all four guys did some good things.

Other Notes...Ingle Martin's strengths in the passing game appear to be throwing outs,s eams in the middle of coverages and the quick underneath reads.  Leak's strengths so far seem to be the deep post, the fade and under thrown fade and crossing routes.  Give Ingle the edge under center and Leak in the Gun.  Dickey throws a great corner route while Midgett likes the hashmarks.  David Kenner showed he can be a receiving threat today when he caught some passes down the field from Ingle and Leak.  Reynaldo Hill looks like the best cover corner on campus already.  He had an interception and was in the hip pocket of receivers all day long.  Matt Jackson was up and down all day giving up some big plays to Vernell Brown.  Guss Scott's improving nose for the ball was not only evident in his interception but several times in coverage in one on ones.  Maurice Mitchell looks a little heavy but is finishing drills with a lot of effort.  Nick Fleming, a sophomore walk on punter, really hits some boomers today with tremendous hang time.  Jarvis Herring has had two solid days as has freshman Demetrice Webb.  Cory Bailey has been a little quiet but expect his name to surface when the pads come on.  Taurean Charles looks to be getting more comfortable at the middle linebacker spot.  Finally for those who care ...Penn St., Tennessee and Michigan do not allow their freshman to speak to the media.

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