Franz Beard's Thoughts of the Day; April 22

A few thoughts to jump start your Friday morning...

While spending a couple of hours on the Paul Finebaum Show earlier in the week, Steve Spurrier stated that LSU and Georgia are the two best football jobs in the SEC. How would you rate the football jobs in the SEC top to bottom? Alabama is on top right now but as we have seen since 1990, winning can be trendy. Over the next several days, we’re going to rank the SEC football jobs from top to bottom using the following criteria: (1) Winning (records since 1990); (2) tradition (championships, game day, etc.); (3) coaching (who’s coaching now, coaching changes since 1990, etc.); (4) stadiums; (5) non-stadium football facilities; (6) recruiting and (7) intangibles (weather, location, etc.). Since there are 14 teams in the SEC, we’ll score it 14 for first place and 1 for last place.

Save your choices and score along. When we’ve gone through all seven categories, we’ll compare scores.

For the purpose of info only, here are how all 14 teams in the SEC have done since 1990 along with a note at the end about how they’ve done since 2010.

1. FLORIDA, 249-81-1: The Gators are tied with Ohio State for the second best record nationally since 1990. Florida has posted 25 winning seasons and only one losing season (2013). Florida had a 23-season streak of winning records (1990-2012). Florida has posted three 13-win seasons, two 12-win seasons, two 11-win seasons, seven 10-win seasons and five 9-win seasons. Since 1990, Florida has gone to 25 bowl games. Since 2010, Florida is 47-30.

2. Alabama, 232-98-0: Officially, Alabama has won only 213 games, but there are 19 wins that were vacated due to run-ins with the NCAA. The unofficial total of 232 wins would be sixth nationally. The official total of 213 is 17th. Alabama has posted 22 winning seasons and four losing seasons (six if you count seasons with vacated games). The longest streak of winning seasons is nine (2007-15). Alabama has posted two 14-win seasons, two 13-win seasons, four 12-win seasons, two 11-win seasons and six 10-win seasons. Alabama has gone to 21 bowl games. Since 2010, Alabama is 72-10.

3. Georgia 226-98-1: The Bulldogs are tied with Oregon for 8th place nationally. Georgia has posted 21 winning seasons and four losing seasons. The longest streak of winning seasons was 13 years (1997-2009). Georgia has posted one 13-win season, one 12-win season, two 11-win seasons, eight 10-win seasons and three 9-win seasons. Georgia has gone to 20 bowl games. Since 2010, Georgia is 56-24.

4. Tennessee, 219-104-2: Tennessee is tied with Penn State for 12th nationally. The Vols have posted 20 winning seasons and 6 losing seasons. Tennessee posted 15 straight winning seasons from 1990-2004. Tennessee has posted one 13-win season, three 11-win seasons, five 10-win seasons and five 9-win seasons. Tennessee has gone to 20 bowl games since 1990. Since 2010, Tennessee is 37-38.

5. LSU, 214-106-1: LSU is 16th nationally in wins since 1990. The Tigers have posted 18 winning seasons and eight losing seasons. The Tigers have posted 16 straight winning seasons (2000-2015). LSU has two 13-win seasons, one 12-win season, three 11-win seasons, four 10-win seasons and four nine-win seasons. LSU has gone to 18 bowl games. Since 2010, LSU is 61-17.

6. Auburn 212-106-3: Auburn is 18th nationally I wins since 1990. The Tigers have posted 20 winning seasons and five losing seasons. The Tigers had eight straight winning seasons from 2000-07. Auburn has one 13-win season, one 12-win season, two 11-win seasons, one 10-win season and five 9-win seasons. Auburn has gone to 18 bowls in the last 26 years. Since 2010, Auburn is 52-27.

7. Texas A&M, 209-113-2: The Aggies are tied with Notre Dame and Kansas State for most wins since 1990. The Aggies have posted 20 winning seasons and four losing seasons with a longest stretch of winning seasons at seven years (1990-96). The Aggies have gone to 20 bowl games. Since 2010, Texas A&M is 52-26.

8. Ole Miss, 170-142-0: Ole Miss is tied with Virginia and Cincinnati for 45th on the most wins list since 1990. The Rebels have had 17 winning seasons and nine losing seasons. The longest streak of winning seasons is seven (1997-2003). Ole Miss has had five 9-win seasons and two 10-win seasons. Ole Miss has gone to 14 bowl games since 1990. Since 2010, Ole Miss is 40-36.

9. Arkansas, 169-145-2: Arkansas ranks 48th in wins nationally since 1990. The Razorbacks have posted 14 winning seasons and 10 losing seasons. The longest streak of winning seasons is three on two occasions (2001-03 and 2009-11). The Razorbacks have had three 9-win seasons, two 10-win seasons and one 11-win season. Arkansas has gone bowling 16 times since 1990. Since 2010, Arkansas is 43-33.

10. Missouri, 164-148-3: Missouri is tied with Colorado for the 52nd best record since 1990. The Tigers have posted 12 winning seasons and 14 losing seasons. They posted a winning record seven straight years (2005-12). Missouri has two 10-win seasons, one 11-win season and two 12-win seasons. The Tigers have gone to 12 bowl games since 1990. Since 2010, Missouri is 51-27.

11. South Carolina, 162-146-3: South Carolina is tied with North Carolina for 56th nationally in wins since 1990. The Gamecocks have posted 15 winning seasons and 10 losing seasons with a longest streak of seven consecutive years with a winning record (2008-14). South Carolina had three 11-win seasons and two 9-win seasons. South Carolina has gone to 12 bowl games since 1990. Since 2010, South Carolina is 52-26.

12. Mississippi State, 155-154-2: Because they’ve posted six straight winning seasons (2010-15), Mississippi State is the 12th SEC team with an above .500 record since 1990 and that ties the Bulldogs with Hawaii for 62nd nationally. The Bulldogs have posted 14 winning seasons and 12 losing seasons with two 10-win seasons and one 9-win season. Since 1990, Mississippi State is 50-28.

13. Kentucky, 119-187-0: Kentucky is 93rd nationally in wins since 1990. The Wildcats have posted six winning seasons and 18 losing seasons with the longest streak of consecutive winning seasons four (2006-09). Kentucky has gone to eight bowl games. Since 2010, Kentucky is 25-48.

14. Vanderbilt, 101-201-0: Vanderbilt is tied with Tulane for 99th nationally. Since 1990, the Commodores have posted three winning seasons and 23 losing seasons. The longest streak of winning seasons is two (2012-13) and they have been to four bowl games. Since 2010, Vanderbilt is 33-42.

Okay, taking into consideration what they’ve done historically in the last 26 years, looking at what they’ve done in the last six and then projecting the direction I think they’re going, here is how I rate the SEC jobs for winning:  

1. Alabama (14 points)

2. LSU (13 points)

3. Florida (12 points)

4. Ole Miss (11 points)

5. Georgia (10 points)

6. Auburn (9 points)

7. Mississippi State (8 points)

8. Texas A&M (7 points)

9. Tennessee (6 points)

10. Arkansas (5 points)

11. South Carolina (4 points)

12. Missouri (3 points)

13. Kentucky (2 points)

14. Vanderbilt (1 point)


Georgia (21-18, 7-9 SEC) pushed across the tying run in the top of the 7th and then scored the winning run in the 12th to take a 2-1 win over #2 Florida (34-6, 11-5 SEC) in the first game of a 3-game SEC series Thursday night at McKethan Stadium.

The Bulldogs trailed, 1-0, in the seventh when they bunched a pair of doubles off A.J. Puk to tie the game. The doubles by Trevor Kiebom and Daniel Nichols were the first hits off Puk since the first inning. His 6-2/3 inning stint was dominant as he gave up just that one run, three hits and struck out 10 while walking only one. But as good as Puk was, Georgia’s Robert Tyler matched him almost pitch for pitch. Tyler allowed eight hits and one run while striking out nine in 8-1/3 innings. When Georgia pulled Tyler, Heath Holder came on, holding the Gators to one hit in 3-2/3 innings.

Florida will send Logan Shore to the mount against Georgia tonight at McKethan Stadium for game two.


Softball: The #1-ranked Gators (42-3, 12-3 SEC) are tied with Auburn on top of the SEC standings. The Gators look to keep pace with the Tigers this weekend when Mississippi State (24-20, 3-12 SEC) comes to town for a 3-game series that begins tonight at 6 p.m. at Katie Seashole Presley Stadium. The Gators sport the top ERA in the country (0.82) and they lead the nation in fielding with only 20 errors in 45 games. Opponents are hitting only .159 against Florida pitching this season.  Florida has allowed only 43 runs in 45 games.

Lacrosse: It’s a showdown for the Big East regular season championship at 12 noon Saturday when the #2 Gators (15-1, 6-0 Big East) host UConn (12-2, 6-0 Big East) at Donald Dizney Stadium. It will be Senior Day for the Gators. Florida’s seniors have compiled a 66-13 record during their four years in Gainesville.

Women’s Tennis: The top seeded and 3rd-ranked Gators earned a bye into today’s quarterfinals at the SEC Championships in Baton Rouge. UF will face 8th-seed LSU, which took out #9 Kentucky, 4-3, on Thursday.

Men’s Tennis: The second seeded and 11th-ranked Gators earned a bye into the Friday quarterfinals where they will face 7th-seeded Vanderbilt at 9 a.m. in Columbia. Vandy reached the quarterfinals with a 4-2 win over LSU on Thursday.


Devin Robinson’s NBA plans are in flux at the moment after surgery for a stress fracture in his foot that will prevent him from participating in the combines. Robinson did not hire an agent so he can come back to school simply by withdrawing from the draft prior to May 25. Typically rehab for stress fracture surgery take 4-6 months. Prior to the surgery, most draft analysts had Robinson going in the second round with a chance to earn his way into the first with strong combine and workouts.


For the second straight year, all of Florida’s athletic teams posted a 960 or better Academic Progress Rate (APR), led by men’s basketball and women’s tennis, who both score a perfect 1,000. Softball, women’s swimming, men’s cross country, women’s golf and soccer all scored 990 or better.

Here are the sports and the scores: Men’s Basketball 1,000; Women’s Tennis 1,000; Softball 997; Women’s Swimming 996; Men’s Cross Country 994; Women’s Golf 992; Soccer 990; Women’s Cross Country 989; Lacrosse 988; Women’s Basketball 984; Volleyball 983; Men’s Golf 981; Football 979; Men’s Tennis 979; Women’s Track and Field 979; Men’s Swimming 972; Baseball 972; and Men’s Track and Field 966.


One of the best pieces of sports writing I’ve read lately is Wright Thompson’s “The Secret History of Tiger Woods.” I highly recommend taking the time to read and ponder how Tiger went from the top of the golf game to someone who may never be relevant again.

Scott Brooks, who was fired at Oklahoma City to make way for Billy Donovan, has agreed to coach the Washington Wizards, who recently fired Randy Wittman. Brooks’ job will be made a whole lot easier if the Wiz can re-sign former Gator Bradley Beal. Beal, who made a little over $4 million this year, will get a max contract of more than $14 million if he signs with the Wiz. If he waits until July 1, he becomes a restricted free agent, which means the Wiz will have a chance to match any offer Beal gets.

The College Football Playoff folks are meeting to decide if they will continue playing semifinal games on New Year’s Eve. The semifinals are locked in on New Year’s Eve this year (Chik-Fil-A Peach and Fiesta) and they’ll be New Year’s Day (Rose and Sugar) in 2017, but in 2018-19 the semis are back to New Year’s Eve. Earth to CFP: Play the games on New Year’s Eve!

The Cleveland Browns traded the #2 overall pick in the NFL Draft to the Philadelphia Eagles for four extra draft picks. The Browns will draft #8 in the first round while adding the #77 and #100 picks in this year’s draft, a first rounder in 2017 and a second rounder in 2018. The Browns have 12 picks in the 2016 draft. The Eagles, meanwhile, will almost certainly use the #2 pick to take a quarterback, either Jared Goff (California) or Carson Wentz (North Dakota State), whichever is not taken first by the Los Angeles Rams.

When Jonathan Nicola arrived in Ontario he told people he was a refugee from South Sudan. It took no time at all for Nicola to become the star 6-9 center for Catholic Central High School in Windsor, Ontario. There’s just one problem. Nicola is 30 years old, not 17. He was arrested earlier in the week and charged with violating Canada’s Immigration Refugee Protection Act.


Taking into consideration where they have been the last 26 years and where they are today, how do you rank the SEC football jobs top to bottom for winning in 2016?


Prince died Thursday and the music world lost one of its great talents. It was almost like he was playing a game with his audience all these years. Just when you thought he had defined himself as a musician and entertainer, he took off in a new direction. I found this black and white video of Prince doing a concert in 1982 at the Capitol Theater in Passaic, New Jersey. In the early days, his music was a cross between rock, funk and R&B. It got way more sophisticated in the years to come but even in the early days, he commanded the audience and the talent was unmistakable.

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