Fightin’ Gators Fab 50 prospects for 2017

Inside the message boards at Fightin’ Gators we bring you our latest attempt at the Fightin' Gators ‘Fab 50’ prospects for the 2017 class. It looks to be a promising class for Florida with some positions yielding high rewards in the end and at this time a few positions that the staff needs to work on. Come on and check out what we are hearing and feeling with the group.

Florida stands with four commitments now. The following are the guys already pledged to the Gators.

With a nice head start, Florida has a bevy of highly sought after prospects they are still recruiting and are looking hard at the Gators.

With Jake Allen already on board, the staff is done at quarterback. Allen has been a big recruiter for the class and working several prospects on this list. He’s got his eye on several top receiver prospects including his own teammate talented Trevon Grimes.  We list several more with interest in Florida and the Gators.

Offensive line is a big time need yet again for Florida. The Gators are really pursuing a national brand of lineman for the offensive trenches. They should take at least four in this class and likely three tackles. The top guy right now for the staff is American Heritage star Kai-Leon Herbert, who says he favors the Gators, but the staff will have to add a few more as well.

On the defensive side, cornerback is a huge priority and the list of names at that position is the largest on our Fab 50. A Dade County trio leads the group in my estimation and one of the stars they are after from that group is Latavious Brini, a prototype corner fit for the style of play the Gators like at the position.

Another position of huge need is at defensive tackle. This one is more difficult to recruit in the state of Florida and the Gators are going to have to likely go out-of-state to find the type of talent at the position they are looking for. Princeton, New Jersey native Fred Hansard fits the bill here, but this is likely a group that will change a great deal throughout the process.

We check up on all the positions on the board in this Fab 50 and it is something we will continually update as we move along. This is the first collaboration between Bob Redman and Jacquie Franciulli and as the cycles continues, we will be able to hone in even more exactly on the big names that should be expected. As it is, we feel pretty good about this group and think you will gain a better understanding of what is going on with the recruiting process at Florida for the s017 class by clicking on the following link.

Fightin’ Gators Fab 50 for 2017

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