Making Contact

<B>Sunday Report</B><P>Florida practices for first time wearing full pads as the Gators pound away during Oklahomas. Also, cornerback Larry Kendrick decides to leave the team....

Should Florida running back Ciatrick Fason's intensity during Sunday's first full-contact practice continue into the season, the Gators ground game could be sparked by some powerful punch.

Fason took to this year's Oklahoma drills with more intensity than any other player, plowing into defenders without hesitation.

As always, the one-on-one hitting drill provided players the opportunity to let go of a summer without contact. But as enjoyable as the drill may be for the players, Coach Ron Zook said he remains cautious.

"I don't want to just lining up and beating up people," Zook said. "Obviously, there's a thin line and there's a lot of different philosophies about how much you hit – do you hit too much, do you hit not enough? I wish I knew the answer to that."

"You be careful, but once again, on the same token, you have to prepare them for what's going to happen on Saturday."

Because of Fan Day, players were unavailable to the media Sunday.

KENDRICK LEAVES: Redshirt sophomore Larry Kendrick has left the Gators football team, deciding to try his hand in the recruiting process once more. The cornerback left the football team Saturday, and he will attend Pearl River Community College.

"For some reason or another, he's decided to go to junior college and get an opportunity to get recruited all over again," Zook said. "We tried to talk to him. The same thing happened last year. We talked him into staying twice last season. For whatever reason, that's the way it is."

The Haines City native was in contention for the starting cornerback job after switching from safety in the spring. Last year, Kendrick played free safety but missed the season because of a knee injury.

Kendrick played in a total of 13 regular season games for 220 plays.

A LIKELY SITUATION: As Zook made clear Sunday, the quarterback at Florida has been put into a unique situation for the past 12 years. Under the guidance of former coach Steve Spurrier, the Gators produced some of the nation's most notable quarterbacks.

That's why Zook attempted to contact Spurrier earlier in the summer to ask his advice.

"I made an attempt, but we kept missing each other this summer," Zook said. "But I feel like after being around coach and the way he handled it, I think he'd handle it the way we're handling it."

When asked if he felt every quarterback needed the opportunity to prove themselves in a game situation, Zook said the idea has been discussed.

"All four are talented, but what are they going to do on Saturday?" Zook said. "That's probably the biggest question. Ingle's the only one who has game experience. What are they going to do on Saturday? You can second guess whoever goes out there on Saturday because how do you what's going to happen?"

Zook also said he doesn't mind true freshman Justin Midgett's confidence that he will be named the starter by the Tennessee game.

"If you come in here not expecting to play, you have no chance of playing," Zook said. "I think they have to expect to come in here and play and plan on playing. Maybe Justin, from what I understand, just learned to say it a little differently. And he will."

INJURIES: Wide receiver O.J. Small jammed a finger and defensive end Bobby McCray injured a toe during Sunday's practice. Both are expected to be fine.

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