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Gator Wildcard Week: Ahmad Fulwood

Every day this week we are going to talk about one of the players on the 2016 Gators that can have a huge impact that hasn’t already done so. We are going to call this the Wildcard because there is a bit of the unknown. Sunday’s Wildcard is receiver Ahmad Fulwood.

How he got to Florida: The true senior showed up at Florida in the Class of 2013 as one of the two highest recruited receivers in a five receiver group. Offers from Alabama, Georgia and many of the other powers kept Ahmad Fulwood from committing to the Gators for a little while, but the lifetime Gator fan committed in the first week of April before his senior year and never looked back.


What has he done at Florida:  So much was expected of Fulwood and in terms of bulk, we haven’t seen a lot from him. In his three full seasons of playing football, he’s been in 38 games and caught just a total of 35 catches for 387 yards and two touchdowns. That isn’t what was expected with his high four-star, Army All-American status. Then he has a play like he did in the Birmingham Bowl at the end of his sophomore season (86 yard touchdown reception) and you see what the fuss was all about. Back to earth in 2015, he caught six total passes for 61 yards.

Why is he a Wildcard?: Fulwood had a very good spring when he was healthy. He drew rave reviews from coaches and teammates alike. He’s accepted a role as a leader among the young receiver group and he looks like a guy that will be leaned on to perform. With his size, Fulwood should be a big time player in the red zone and there shouldn’t be the issues at quarterback like the gators finished with a year ago.

Fulwood living up to the player he was as a prospect coming out of high school, would go a long way toward the productivity level the Gators are looking for on offense. If he can turn into a reliable red zone receiver with the tight ends already on the roster, the quarterbacks should have every weapon they need at their disposal. A big year from Fulwood likely means the scoring goes up a good bit. 

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