Monday's Practice Observations

Who are the starters right now on the OL, at wide receiver and at cornerback? Who is standing out at QB and who has been the surprise(s) at wide receiver? Find out these answers and more with today's practice observations.

When Florida begins it's scrimmage on Wednesday night Gavin Dickey will go first with the starters. The reason is luck of the draw, but according to the coaches Gavin has been very impressive this camp. The Gators have practiced seven times and today was the first two a day session. Of the first eight practices each quarterback will have his day with the first stringers twice. Tonight, Gavin Dickey did not have the one's but the possible future at QB did, Chris Leak.

The Gators worked on several aspects of their offensive and defensive packages tonight with Ingle Martin and Leak getting all the snaps, except for one on one's and individual. The team went through down and distance situations in which the defense was very impressive, especially when they blitzed. They worked on Red-Zone passing and coverage, in which the defense really struggled, especially the corners. Team period and two minute drills closed practice in which seemed to be a wash offensive versus defense.

The Gators worked on special teams with punt protection and punt block. Eric Wilbur saw his first action as a Gator this morning and was up and down in the evening session. Nick Fleming was impressive as a walk-on punter (he wears #97). This is the second time I have written his name during camp. Fleming played at Darrell Lee's High School (Kirkwood) in Missouri and is a sophomore.

To be expected the inside run drill was won by the offensive line and Max Starks is becoming very comfortable at right guard. Lance Butler had a nice day at right tackle and Ray McDonald showed some fight on the inside. Speaking of fighting, Ryan Carter and Eric Holcombe mixed it up to get the first day of two-a-days off to a good start.

Ack's Insights:

Johnny Lamar had a nice interception in down and distance drills but struggled to get ball out on red-zone skelly.

Travis Harris was impressive rushing the passer in down and distance and really looks good when standing up from the end spot. Charlie Strong mixed in some zone blitzes during period.

Demetrice Webb had a big time hit on Dallas Baker during screen drill in which Baker was actually trying to block him. This is the physical nature Zook is looking for from the young corner.

Kelvin Kight is really emerging and has taken the starting job back from Dallas Baker for at least one day. He was unstoppable in redzone skelly, out-muscling every DB for the ball.

Ben Troupe continues to dominate and did a nice job maneuvering to get open in small areas.

Reggie Lewis has been the most improved receiver during camp from the spring but had his first couple of drops today. Still looks like a major factor in the passing game.

Lance Butler seems to have a leg up right now on Randy Hand and is continuing his improved play from the spring.

First Team Offensive Line:
Tavarus Washington, Shannon Snell, Mike Degory, Max Starks, Lance Butler

First Group Wide Receivers:
Kelvin Kight, Reggie Lewis (slot), Carlos Perez

First Group Corners:
Johnny Lamar, Keiwan Ratliff, Matt Jackson

Second Group Wide Receivers:
Dallas Baker, Andre Caldwell, Jemalle Cornelius

Overall the receivers were up and down with some opportunities not taken with guys coming not coming down with some tough catches.

Quarterback Derby:
1st Round
Chris Leak was 5-7 (unofficially) in first session with two touchdowns to Kight and two to Perez. Leak throws the underthrown fade better than anyone on the team. He also made tight throws in coverage in the short field.

Ingle Martin was 1-5(unofficially) with a drop and a nice touchdown to Andre Caldwell. He just could not find the open receiver against good coverage by Reynaldo Hill and Dee Webb. Jermaine McCollum looked good in nickel coverage.

2nd Round
Chris Leak was 4-6 (unofficial) with one dropped pass by Carlos Perez on a bullet out cut. In this session Leak showed his ability to put touch on the ball with a seam to Troupe for a touchdown and a "check down" to his running back Ran Carthon. He also threw a rope to Cornelius for a touchdown.

Ingle Martin was 2-6 (unofficial) with a corner route touchdown to Andre Caldwell. Dee Webb broke up a fade to Dallas Baker and even though Ingle struggled to find the zone he did not force the issue.

Assessment: Leak has the ability to make tough throws and showed great touch. He has already shown me great maturity from practice one to seven. Ingle needs to work on his red-zone passing, especially his touch in the corner areas. He is not that far off and neither quarterback threw an interception, which will make Ed Zaunbrecher happy because you do not want to take points off the board.

Final defensive thoughts: Channing Crowder and Brian Crum, side by side in nickel, are looking better and better for the defense. Kenny Parker continues to hold up while Marcus Thomas had a good practice. Cory Bailey got a lot of work today in UF's defensive packages with the starting group.

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