Dalton Guthrie and Gators ready to host the Gainesville Regional

Daniel Guthrie and the Florida baseball team is ready to host the Gainesville regional on Friday. Guthrie discusses where the team stands and the pressure of being the number one seed before the weekend.

Is the batting coming around?
I think at the end of the SEC Tournament we were swinging it a lot better and have a little bit of hope from how we were swinging it earlier. I think we’ll be just fine. Our thing this whole year has been kind of pitching and defense and try and squeeze across a few runs when we can. I think we’re starting to get hot with the bats and hopefully we can just maintain that. If we can just score a couple of runs and play pitching and defense and be who we are as a team I thi k we’ll be okay.
What did you get from the SEC Tournament and close games?
It was nice to play some games where we had to fight a little bit.
It was good to lose the LSU game to see what It’s like to play in a game like that. So, if it comes post season time and we are ready for a game like that. We know what we need to do to win it. I think we learned to fight and going into postseason play you never know what kind of game you’ll get. It’s good to get some experience like that.
It’s tough to play that long and lose, but we definitely wanted to get them back later in the tournament. It was nice getting back at them.
Are the freshmen ready?
I was talking to Deacon (Liput) on the way here and he was talking about how excited he is to play in Omaha. I talked to him about how cool it is to play there and how bad he should want it. It’s an experience as a baseball player that you never forget and kind of something along the way you have to check off your list. I think they’re all hungry enough to be there and win it and we’re all the same. I think we’re determined and will do whatever we can to get there.
Does the experience from the older guys going all the way to Omaha help?
I think it helps. Playing this whole season they’re kind of ready for the postseason. They’ve played in environments like South Carolina and LSU. It’s hostile and they are ready for pressure situations. I have faith they are ready themselves and obviously we can help them along the way. I think they have a good foundation and they’ll be just fine.
All the freshmen are really hungry. I think a lot has to do with how excited we are to try and get back to Omaha and win it. They feed off of that. They’re on the same trip as us and we are all traveling on the same journey to get there. We’ll do whatever we can to get there. I think we’re pretty locked in.
How are you guys reacting to the top seed?
I don’t think it affects us as much as everyone might think because we’ve played with a bullseye on or back all year. Being number one you know everyone is trying to get you. We embrace it more than anything because it’s cool to be recognized. We don’t take it negatively because we know we’re going to get everyone’s best and we know we have to match it.

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