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Report: Callaway’s suspension modified

Gainesville Sun Florida Beat Writer Robbie Andreu reports that Gator sophomore receiver Antonio Callaway is now fee to return to classes on campus and use the team facilities at least until the process for a decision is finally determined.

Antonio Callaway was suspended from campus and being around the team since January after an early December incident was reported involving him and teammate Treon Harris with another person.

In the early stages of the matter, the police were involved, but that was rather quickly cleared to the point that no charges were ever brought against Callaway or Harris.


Since then, a student judiciary process has been in the works and it has just been a long process to get through.

Andreu’s reporting comes through Callaway’s attorney Huntley Johnson who has been working the case for most of the process. Johnson has been adamant that Callaway should be able to return to school like any other student with the lack of anything legal to keep Callaway away.


Callaway was huge for Florida last year in a season that saw the Gators win 10 games. He was a big play maker at a position that has lacked that for years. His return would be a huge one both for morale and just overall talent on offense.

Having said that, the process is not done and he has not been totally cleared. There is no real account of what the process really is at this point, but he will have to appear at some point in front of his peers at the University and face a final judgement on the matter. 

There is no word on Harris yet. 

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