No. 12 Tight end Jimmy Jaggers Visits Florida and Alabama.

Jimmy Jaggers ventured out east last week to take in a pair of SEC schools, Florida and Alabama. Scout's No. 12 tight end broke down those visits and where things stand with his recruitment.

Jimmy Jaggers had a busy week. The four-star tight end from Roseville, California, ventured south to check on two SEC programs vying for his attention: Florida and Alabama.

His first stop was Gainesville. 

"The big reason I went there [to Florida]  was because how hard they recruit," he said.  "In that aspect Florida is definitely one of the schools recruiting me the hardest.

"[Head] Coach [Jim] McElwain will text me about every week and have a conversation," he added.  "It's always a good sign and it really shows that they really want me, and it makes me feel more comfortable as a player that the head coach wants me there."

The Gators pulled out all the stops on Jaggers' two day visit to make sure that trend continued. 

"It was a good one for sure. We got a lot accomplished, and I felt very comfortable after my visit there," he said. "I got to sit down with [tight ends] coach [Greg] Nord, [offensive coordinator] coach [Doug] Nuss [Nussmeier]  and coach Mac. I got to talk to a few of the players, see the academic and campus side of it."

His talks with both the coaches and the players allowed him to understand his possible role, if he were to choose the Gators. 

"The message is basically they need a bigger bodied guy. They think that with my skill set that I can provide that big body and versatile type of player that they want," he said. "They seem like they are all one big family. They seem like they really take care of their players, and they have the experience to really coach a kid up. I like that...I like the feel of it there. A lot of good guys, and they are headed in the right direction I think." 

Jaggers met several players during his trip, including UF tight end, DeAndre Goolsby.

 "They were just big on Coach Mac and the coaching staff," he said. "They really feel that they are putting together a good program and their priorities are set right. The coaching staff really cares about them and wants them to be the best they can be."

Scout's No. 12 tight end then ventured a couple of hours west to check in on another SEC power, Alabama. 

"I liked it a lot there," he said. "I think obviously ['Bama head] coach [Nick] Saban has proven himself time and time again. They got a lot of good football players and a lot of good guys actually.

"[Offensive coordinator] coach [Lane] Kiffin and I talked for a good bit of time. He kind of expressed that the main reason he liked me was that he felt I can play H or Y - be the guy always on the field. [Tight ends] coach [Mario] Cristobal was really just inviting. The tight end room was really what stood out to me, and meeting all those guys. They had a bunch of good dudes." 

Like at Florida, Jaggers was able to meet a couple of the players including the likes of: Miller ForristallJonah Williams and Jalen Hurts

"They really just opened up the floor for me and let me ask any questions that I wanted," he said.  "I felt really good about the type of guys that are at Alabama." 

Although Jaggers is back in California, the visits are not ending. 

"I am going to go visit USC and UCLA next week, Tuesday and Wednesday," he said. "We will see how those go. I like to be committed by July, but I think I'm going to take a few officials-whether I'm committed for those I don't know. It [the commitment] might get pushed back." 

Joining Florida, Jaggers says USC, UCLA and Alabama are just some of the schools recruiting him the hardest at the moment. He claims no favorites at this time or leaders, and is trying to find the school the fulfills all of his needs. 

"It's about the best opportunity at the right time," he said. "I've got a little list, and if I'm going to go far from home I just want to be comfortable with the place." 

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