Florida Recruiting Q&A: June 24

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FightinGators.com answers your Florida recruiting questions. 

Q: AJ Terrell? What's your gut say?

My gut says its pendulum between Georgia and Florida. I think the Gators are sitting very well with A.J. Terrell, and honestly should be confident. 

Q: Are we as "behind" our rivals in recruiting as everyone seems to believe?

Not at all. Although the class seems small, the staff is being very selective on who they take at the moment. Unlike last year, this will be a small class and UF knows who they want and who is a priority.

Q: How do you feel about Leatherwood and Carter? Also, any other top 100 players you feel good about?

Alex Leatherwood is an interesting one. I think he is listening very closely to Florida, but I think Alabama is going to be tough to take him away from. This one is going to trend different directions a lot. Just like Zachary Carter. Two weeks ago at Sound Mind Sound Body right before his visit to Clemson, things seemed to be trending towards the Tigers, however, on Wednesday, I started hearing different. Maybe the glitz and the sparkle from the Clemson visit was going away. If Carter were to decide this week it's honestly 50-50, if it goes on another week, Florida. Because Carter did not commit to Clemson on his visit, I think the Gators are in a good place. 

**UPDATE FRI: Carter decided to make his announcement on Friday between 3 PM and 4. Although Clemson had all the buzz, Florida should very confident. 

Q: How many defensive backs do you feel will be in the class? 

I think four is the magic number for defensive backs, however, I could see them take a fifth one-if they feel it's the right fit. This class could be special when it comes to defensive back. 

DB Board 

Q: What recruits, does UF actually lead for? And do you know of any 4 and 5 star recruits that we genuinely lead for, that are not just mentioning our name but is more than a 75% chance of committing to us ? If so, who are they ?

These are the recruits I think Florida lead or are the favorite in my opinion: 









Good Chance: 



Q: Are recruiting matinees a thing of the past?

Bob and I will try to most a matinee here and there. "Gator Blitz" will return at its normal times: Tuesday afternoon and Friday mornings next week. We will also bring back "Gator Gauge" so you can really knows what's going on with the targets in more detail. 

Q:Can you provide us with an updated board with recruits that the coaches are going after that actually may be Gators. Thank you!!!

Q: Updated Mock Class

Q: I would be interesting to see what coaches are the primary recruiters for which recruits.

I decided to combine all these together. Next week there will be a new "Gator Gauge" with EVERY single target and where things stand at the moment in the order of importance by position. I will then post an updated mock class AND since I will be going through each target, I will try to add who their primary recruiter is next to the prospect. 

Q: Are we very quietly the leader for Jarez Parks? We don't hear much about him, but we know he is high on the board, possibly ahead of carter, but we obviously want both.

Jarez Parks is not really focusing on his recruitment right now, so thats why it's quiet on that front. When you do talk to the four-star defensive end he is very hard to read. I think Florida, however, is the school in the best position at the moment. As far as where Parks stands with the Gators, he is high on their board. Carter could grow into a defensive tackle, so Parks is definitely one UF wants to land in this class. 

Q: Rank corner prospects on the board in terms of who is most ready to play/start as a true freshman








Q: Who are our linebacker prospects?  the board looks really thin outside of Houston and Miller.

I agree James Houston IV and Ventrell Miller are the two linebackers more associated with the Gators right now-both of them pretty heavily leaning towards UF as well. Here is the board: 




Q: At what position  does K Toney end up? RB? WR?

Kadarius Toney is such a versatile athlete, but he has all the makings of a slot receiver for the Gators. He has great instincts, vision, and speed. I think Florida will experiment with Toney once he gets on campus, but I wouldn't be surprised if they use him on the return game as well. 


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