Looking Ahead: Gator Point Guards

We’ve taken a look at every position for the 2016 football season, now we will looks ahead to basketball for the 2016-17 season and beyond. We’ll start with the floor generals, the point guards that Florida head coach Mike White will have and has committed.

What we know from the style of play that White and company like is they want things to go fast and fast and fast. They also want length and athleticism to cause havoc on the court and they want that at every position of they can get it.

White also likes to have two guards on the floor at the same time that can both handle the ball, so combo guards will be listed here. With that in mind, let’s take a look at what we have and what is to look forward to at the point guard position.

Kasey Hill

http://www.scout.com/player/136373-kasey-hill?s=168&year =2016

White is hoping to have the Hill that finished the season strong last year as opposed to the one that let things get to his head and really struggled shooting the ball, especially from the free throw line.

Despite not being really lengthy, Hill has all the attributes White is looking for in a point guard and excels at the speed and quickness part. There may be no one faster at going from baseline to baseline with the ball and either getting a shot or distributing as Hill. He uses that speed and quickness well, but the finishing part has to be more consistent and more like he finished at the end of last season.

White says the offseason looks very promising for Hill and he is expecting big things.

Chris Chiozza


An inch shorter than Hill, Chiozza again isn’t primo in terms of length, but he is right up there in terms of quickness and that makes the two of them on the floor at the same time a real weapon in that aspect.

Chiozza shot a little better than Hill, but not by much. That is a part of his game he needs to improve as well. White harps a lot on experience and maturity and now Chiozza has two solid years under his belt and should be expected to do more.

Like Hill, he is a quality distributor, but does get in a rut at times in terms of turning the ball over.  He has to be more consistent.

Eric Hester  


Hester probably won’t be asked to handle the ball too much and he’s not ready to do that. But, he will be able to defend the three small positions on the court right away.

According to Scout National Basketball Analyst Evan Daniels, Hester, “plays well in transition and excels in an up tempo environment. He has a quick first step and when he gets to the rim, he’s able to adjust his shots well and finish.”

He certainly seems to be some of the things that were missing from the squad last season.

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander  


White is off to a promising start in the 2017 recruiting class and that begins with Alexander. A four-star and national top 50 prospect, his status may be growing as I type as he is starting to get to the elite status.

Evan Daniels watched Alexander at a recent AAU event in Florida and had this to say…

“Gilgeous-Alexander is a 6-foot-4 lead guard that showed a nice combination of facilitating and score. But what stood out the most about his game was his feel, passing ability and decision making. Gilgeous-Alexander tossed out eight assists and didn’t turn the ball over and played the entire game, including overtime. A confident shooter with good form, Gilgeous also knocked down two of his four three-point attempts and also connected from mid-range. He finished with 14 points on 6-for-15 shooting.”

That would be the type of game and physical attributes Mike White is specifically looking for in a point guard. 

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