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Florida Gators linebacker Cristian Garcia is a late night hero

There is a common theme about the offseason among fans that follow college football. ‘Nothing ever good happens after midnight’. Well there is always the exception to the rule and if not for the heroics of Gator linebacker Cristian Garcia well after midnight, we wouldn’t have this to talk about.

According to a report by First Coast News in Jacksonville, Garcia was working as a bouncer at a downtown bar Thursday night in Gainesville when he noticed what he thought were two people that were supposedly having sex, but when he approached closer he saw that the woman had no wits about her.

"The girl was basically unconscious, so I knew there was no way she could be giving consent,” Garcia told First Coast News.

Garcia then grabbed the guy by the shoulder and told him to stop. The perpetrator, who has since been arrested and identified as 34-year old Christopher Shaw, proceeded to swing at the 6-foot-1, 233 pound junior and then escaped.

Having saved the woman from an unfortunate ending, the police now believe that Shaw may be responsible for several sexual assaults in the area.

"I hold strong moral values and I don't think anyone should be taken advantage of in that kind of way,” Garcia added.

A walk-on at Florida, Garcia played well this spring and seems to be in the mix for playing time this fall. We have reported on him several times from practice sessions we have watched and we continue to keep an eye on the junior from Miami.

Now we know he can be a hero off the field, even after midnight. 

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