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Florida head coach Jim McElwain not happy about Antonio Callaway case's impact on image, but thinks UF handled well.

GAINESVILLE, Fla.-- With the spotlight surrounding Florida and the situation around Antonio Callaway, Jim McElwain addresses the case and where things stand.

Florida Gators football  is under the microscope the last few weeks after the news that Antonio Callaway was being investigated for an alleged sexual assault. The accuser's attorney told ESPN that the Title IX hearing held on Friday was going to be adjudicated by a prominent football booster. With that revelation, the accuser in the sexual assault case did not appear in the hearing and UF was thrown under national spotlight. The university has been investigating the allegation since January, suspending Callaway indefinitely from school. With the national spotlight heavily on the news, Gators head coach, Jim McElwain, is certainly not too pleased. 

"I’m not happy about any of it," he said. "Yet at the same time, the way it’s been handled has been handled very well. The impact, I guess we’ll see down the road on that."

Callaway practiced with the team for the first time on Wednesday. Although McElwain said Callaway did not "miss a beat" upon his return, Callaway has yet to be reinstated and McElwain does not know when that might happen.  

"I haven’t been updated on anything new or where it’s at. But we’ll fight through it," he said. "When we were made aware of whatever it was, immediate action was taken. We’re going by what we’re given, which is whatever is going on and whatever it is. Somebody will tell me in the end.”

Until a few resolution has been reached, Callaway will continue to practice with the team. 

“You never doubt how hard he plays and goes hard in practices,  and he is one of those guys that loves to play the game," he said. "You kind of wish from a football standpoint that you have a lot of guys that just love the game, love to practice and the competition. But I haven’t noticed really anything different from that standpoint.”

Although there is always a concern that a case like this will have on the image of a program like Florida, McElwain is focused on some of the things his team has been able to achieve. 

"One thing I would say is we’ve got a lot of really good guys, a lot of really good guys,' he said. "Good people who do a lot of great things for this community, this university and this school that don’t get celebrated as well. And yet, I understand that piece of it. We’ll see where it goes as we move forward."

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