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Scout 300 DT Tyrone Truesdell leaves his Florida visit just short of committing.

Tyrone Truesdell made the trip down to Florida over the weekend to take in a two day visit with the Gators. Whats next for the Scout 300 defensive tackle and where does UF stand?

Tyrone Truesdell made the trek down to Gainesville, Florida from Georgia this weekend for a two day visit with the Florida Gators

"Everything went good," said Truesdell. The Scout 300 defensive tackle arrived in town on Saturday and did not depart until Sunday. During that time he was able to take in much of the UF campus and football program. 

"Just got to hang with the players and the coaches," he said about his visit. "Just pretty much they treated me like I was already there." 

Truesdell was also able to take in a practice during his trip to see The Swamp. 

" I like how everything goes and everything they were doing I feel like I can do," said the four-star defensive lineman.  "I know I can do it and I'll be able to handle the conditioning. It was just a good vibe, everything was moving and you can feel no time was being wasted. Everything was an urgency. Everybody was focused going through the drills, getting better and everyone was out there was competing."

This was also an opportunity to see Florida defensive line coach Chris Rumph in action. "He is a funny guy. I got to sit down and chill with him and just talk to him, we ended up having a good time." 

Although his conversation with Rumph and the staff was enlightening, the Laney High School standout did appreciate the welcome the players had for him. 

"I actually got to talk a few of the players, some freshmen. I pretty much talked to the whole defensive lineman crew.They made me feel that I was already at home," he said. When I was talking to Caleb [Brantley], he was telling me everything, how coach Rumph knows what he is talking about and he is a good guy," said Truesdell. "All you have to do is put the effort, he is going to get you to be the best and go first round of the draft. And nothing wrong with that with me." 

According to Truesdell, the message was very clear from the staff. 

"Me being the type of player that I am, they feel I can come in as a true freshman and make my presence known," he said.  "In my school I play the nose technique, and they can already see in my highlight I am a player, and I can make big time plays." 

This visit did everything to cement Florida on his radar. 

"Right now they are very high on my list. It wasn't too much that kept me from committing. Everything went good, I just have to go to more schools. I went to Florida and now I have a chance to compare." 

Truesdell says he hopes to take a few more trips before cementing his decision. Ole Miss and Louisville are the schools he has mentioned he would like to visit, since he has not visited those two campus yet. However, he says he hopes to return to a few schools that he has visited as well. 

As far as a timeline, "I will probably take all my officials..going to some games," he said. "By the time the bowl games are going on I would have already made up my mind."

He adds, "I know exactly what I'm looking for. I won't say I would settle for anything less. What I'm looking for has to have my major, because I do plan on graduating and leaving with a degree...Just a place to call home since I'm going to be there for four years."

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