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Healthy Powell looking to make a difference

Sitting out the entire spring was tough for junior receiver Brandon Powell. It might not have been as tough as the pain he played with for half the season a year ago. Powell started off strong in 2015 and was a big play maker, but a broken bone in his foot changed it all. He’s feeling 100% now and just wants to make a difference on the Florida football team.

It’s been a little over two weeks of camp now for Brandon Powell and any worry that there might have been about his injury flaring up has come and gone. He’s doing all the things that made him a key component to the offense a year ago and happy for it.

“It’s great being back to my old self, having two feet that work,” Powell told the Florida media this week. “I can run full speed, cut how I want to cut. It was great this whole camp.”

Powell was a regular on kickoff returns a year ago. Head coach Jim McElwain said Friday he is a guy that will again be a big part of the return game for the Gators.  Powell is looking forward to it.

 “I’m just trying to do anything to help the team get wins, that’s all,” Powell said. “Wherever Coach Mac wants to put me, that’s where I want to play.”


Powell has been frustrated with the kick return game. He understands that there have been some good ones in the past at Florida and believes they are very close to getting that portion of the special teams going hard.

“Playing with Andre Debose, I learned a lot from him,” Brandon Powell said. “It’s tough trying to return kicks like them not being able to have the success like them. Every day come to work; try to trust the guys in front of you to make blocks so you can spring the big one. I’ve got the easy job, just run. It’s a team effort. If the team can set up the kick returns right we’re going to score more points on returns.”

Powell is part of an ever improving receiver group. Powell makes no bones about it and is excited to get the season started with the new guys in the group.

“I love it,” he said. “We’ve got a lot of great players this year, a lot of players who can make plays. It’s a lot of young guys, but they grew up fast this whole camp. I’m just ready to get the season started with them.

“Pretty much everybody is doing a great job. Everybody is learning the offense pretty well. Everybody is standing out, everybody is making plays.”

 That excitement is also heightened by the fact that a lot of the personnel including him, know more about what they are doing in the offense with a year under their belt.

“Everybody is comfortable now,” Powell said. “Last year we were trying to get the feel of it… knowing Coach Mac and his whole new coaching staff. After a year being under him, everybody is comfortable with all the coaches and Coach Mac.”


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