Florida's David Sharpe is confident in what growth he has seen in the trenches and is happy to have a starting quarterback named.

GAINESVILLE, Fla.-- Florida offensive lineman David Sharpe sees plenty to like ahead of the season from the men in the trenches. He discusses the offensive line and what it means to have the quarterback question answered.

The offensive line has often come under the microscope in the last year at Florida. However, junior offensive lineman, David Sharpe, has seen a change in the unit.  

"I think we’re coming together. We’re getting all of those little things done – technique, footwork, first step, our assignments and all that," said Sharpe. 

According to Sharpe, UF assistant and offensive line coach Mike Summers had "done a lot" to help the group move forward and better prepare for the upcoming season. 

"He's just making sure we get in the weight room, making sure we do everything we're supposed to do. He's teaching us a lot in the O-line room, making sure we're becoming more leaders and being more physical," he said. "I feel like a lot of guys are way more careful with the penalties and the showboating and the celebrating and all that. He disciplined us a lot for that. He doesn't like that at all."

In this unit's second year under Summers, Sharpe says he has seen Tyler JordanMartez Ivey and Fred Johnson feel more comfortable in their own expansive roles. 

“I feel like they’re just becoming more like leaders to the O-Line. They’re all stepping up, you know, doing their jobs and just being the players they’re looked to be. I feel like they’re all taking bigger steps. Tyler Jordan and Martez and Fred, you know, we’re kinda lighting afire under them and they know it’s a big year.”

Follow the Leader

Last week, Jim McElwain named Luke Del Rio as the starting quarterback for the opening game of the season - news that was well received by Sharpe. 

"I mean, we feel like Luke is a good leader in my opinion. He should be the starter. But we have — all our quarterbacks I think can get the job done. I mean, we really weren’t worried about who it would be. But I think yeah, definitely Luke, you know, he’s the QB1 guy I feel like," he said. "He’s developed a lot. He’s become comfortable. He’s become a better leader. He’s always been a vocal guy. He goes about his business. He wants to get everything done, and he wants to win."

"We look to him as a leader, man. When he tells us let’s go and let’s get it on, we’ve got to stop and listen to him. He’s a great vocal leader," added Sharpe. 

Grading the defensive line

Sharpe has plenty of praise for the Gators' defensive line. 

“It definitely is one of the best D-Lines in the country. You know, it’s hard going against those guys every day. Especially with them knowing our stuff and having to go even harder. So I feel like they’re gonna be pretty good this year.”










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