Tuesday Practice Report

The fight for the starting quarterback job slowly begins to take shape. But don't expect big news just yet....

It may not be as much information as was expected, but Florida coach Ron Zook did make an attempt to narrow down the pack of quarterbacks Tuesday.

His news was nothing other than the obvious.

Following a closed scrimmage, Zook admitted true freshman Justin Midgett has fallen behind Ingle Martin, Chris Leak and Gavin Dickey.

"Justin did some great things, which kind of clouds the picture a little bit," Zook said. "But the other three if you had to play tomorrow, if you had to play next week, would maybe be a little bit ahead."

The rest remains a mystery. And it's a mystery Florida's coaching staff would rather solve behind closed doors.

For now, Zook will take his time before making any more decisions regarding the derby.

"The worst thing you can do right now is make a decision too fast," Zook said. "We'll watch the tape tonight. I don't know if we'll have a decision or not. I really don't know if it makes a difference."

This weekend, Zook said he planned on whittling the group down to two. It appears he could hold on as long as a week before leaking out any more information.

As for the quarterbacks' performance during the scrimmage, Martin's assessment may have been the most revealing considering the media and public were closed out.

The redshirt sophomore said the improving offense scored in four red zone situations.

"We did a little bit better than we did on Saturday," Martin said. "I don't know the exact stats, but overall we did well in picking up blitzes."

Martin said he didn't keep up with his own numbers, let along those of the three other candidates.

"I'm out here focusing on what I need to do," he said. "I don't have time to worry about Chris or Gavin or Justin. When we're throwing 1-on-1, if they're 4-for-5, I don't keep up with it. I just worry about myself and make my reads."

While any other judgments made about the quarterback race would be pure speculation, Dickey did say he refuses to consider a transfer at this time.

"I would be disappointed if I wasn't in the top two, very disappointed," Dickey said. "But I came to Florida and that's the school I chose to come to. I'm going to be here."

ROUGH STUFF: Whatever went on during Wednesday's scrimmage, it involved some heavy hitting. Zook named off five different players who suffered minor injuries during the workout.

During a pileup, tackle Jonathan Colon and guard Anthony Guerrero "tweaked their knees," Zook said. He also said on other occasions, Shannon Snell got a "stinger" and freshman wide receiver Jemalle Cornelius and tailback Ciatrick Fason "got dinged."

DINGLE STILL OUT: As expected, defensive lineman Johnny Dingle's absence from Monday's practice was a result of some academic issues.

However, because of NCAA policies, Zook cannot elaborate on the situation.

"I don't want to say anything now," he said. "But there are some academic issues that have to be cleared up."

He failed to give any timetable regarding his expected return.

LEADER OF THE PACK: As Florida's most experienced wide receivers, senior Kelvin Kight finds himself in a tight race among a huge herd of young athletes. Yet despite the intense competition at the position, Kight said he continues to be a leader amongst the corps rather than just another receiver fighting for the job.

"I'm just trying to be a leader, trying to step up each day and work hard and do the right thing, show the younger guys that working hard pays off," Kight said. "I want to be a leader just like Jabar [Gaffney] and Reche [Caldwell] were."

Kight has played in 35 games in his career, more than any other player at the position.

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