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Burning questions about the Gators WR and TE

Fightin' Gators took it to our members to come up with the questions they had on the receivers and tight ends for the 2016 season. Bob Redman goes into detail with answers to several of thise questions.

Fightin’ Gators Question: Do the WR's run a best 3 kind of rotation or is it position specific for them?

I think the separation would come from the slot guys and then the rest. Powell, Massey, and then maybe a Swain or someone like that in the slot. The rest would be outside. I could see Callaway playing in the slot as well. In terms of the two outside slots, I think they could flip sides at will.


Fightin’ Gators Question: Do you think we will have a 1,000 yard receiver this year?

Bob Redman: If so I believe it would be Callaway. I tend to lean that way because I think we will be relying on the pass so much, but with so many more targets, it does take away from that possibility as well. I just think Callaway is such a huge weapon, you have to use him.


Fightin’ Gators Question: Callaway: With D. Robinson gone, do you think Antonio Callaway is ready to be our top WR? The one who gets the other team’s top CB every Saturday?

Bob Redman: I think by the end of the year he was the main target last season. He’s a preseason All-American by some, so he will draw plenty of attention and we will continue to throw to him.


Fightin’ Gators Question: Have the lights finally turned on for Fulwood?

Bob Redman: His last week has been a very good one. I am kind of in the belief it when I see it mode like everyone else, but this is his contract year, and he is asserting himself more.


Fightin’ Gators Question: Who will be the third WR in catches/yards assuming Callaway and Massey are 1 and 2?

Bob Redman: Fulwood is the one they would like to take that role, but I think it will be C.J. Worton with a dark horse of Brandon Powell.  There has been a lot of work lately with both Powell and Massey on the field at the same time and I really like thinking of all the different things they could do.


Fightin’ Gators Question: How much does Worton's absence due to injury impact him being in the playing rotation at WR?

Bob Redman: He knows what he is doing, which is the big thing. It is a high ankle sprain as we found out on Thursday, but I bet he gets better next week.


Fightin’ Gators Question: Sorry if I missed it but any word on when Kalif Jackson will return?

Bob Redman: I have not heard lately, but believe he will be back in the next couple of weeks.


Fightin’ Gators Question: Assuming our QB is able and willing to throw those medium routes down the middle - Who are the guys willing to stand in there and catch the ball, knowing they are about to take a hit?

Bob Redman: Massey is not afraid. Worton will go across the middle. Swain is slight, but he will do that. Hammond has a little more bulk to him and have seen him do that. I think they have enough that can do it and hopefully they have a QB that won’t set them up to lose their heads.


Fightin’ Gators Question: Any update on Cleveland and Wells legal status? I was expecting some type of plea deal from Huntley, but I haven't seen a thing.

I think McElwain kind of skipped over it a little bit on Thursday because their status is still up in the air. The odd thing is I know they have been in the training room recovering from hamstring injury, so they are around. Still no word on their actual status.


Fightin’ Gators Question: Cleveland’s impact this year?

Bob Redman: I think they will get something resolved and from what I have heard he is too talented to not see the field. A guy like that won’t make it past year three anyway, so you might as well use him while you can.

Fightin’ Gators Question: T. Cleveland: You've told us heard from the Grapevine that's he's a tremendous and lethal target. But Mac doesn't seem too high on him when talking about him with the press. What do you think is really going on with him? Is he actually injured? How deep in the doghouse is he? I find it odd Wells and Cleveland both sustained hamstring injuries at the same time.

Bob Redman: As I said above I do know he has been injured (hamstring), but thinking there might be more delay with the off-the-field issues.


Fightin’ Gators Question: Who do you see not redshirting out of our true freshman WRs? Who do you see being most productive this season?

Bob Redman: I am pretty sure Swain, Hammond, and Cleveland will play in 2016. With Cleveland a little late to the party possibly, I am going to go with Hammond as the most productive, knowing that Swain runs the best routes.


Fightin’ Gators Question: Obviously we have only potential - no production - thus far for the 2016 WR class, but when was our last WR class where you saw this much potential in it?

Bob Redman: I think you have to go back to maybe 2006 honestly. There have been a couple of classes with a couple of big time receivers in the recruiting process, but think this is the best in the last 10 years. I don’t see any way Massey won’t do well and have to believe 2-3 others will as well.


Fightin’ Gators Question: How are Moral Stephens and Camrin Knight progressing? Which one do you see getting more PT this year?

Bob Redman: Moral has drawn praise lately and is taking a step forward. I think with Cyontai out for the first game we will get a good feel on how much they might use Stephens this year. Camrin will get a lot of play when it comes to a situation where they need him as a blocker. I like his potential down the road, but the other three are ahead. 

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