McElwain SEC Teleconference Aug. 31

Florida head coach Jim McElwain addressed the national media via the SEC’s teleconference on Wednesday. Here is the transcription of that account.

McElwain’s Opening statement…

“Excited about getting things started and more than anything kind of seeing where we’re at and seeing a lot of the new faces for the first time playing The Swamp. I want to see how they are going to react in the game and situations that come up.

“I am excited to see how (good) our team is.”


Question: Luke Del Rio… What have you seen out of him progression wise?

McElwain: “I see a guy whose experience being here last year really helped. It also really helped as far as bonding with the team and how he goes about his business. The thing we can’t forget is that this is his first start and sometimes we think he’s a vet. That’s a good thing because of the way he handles himself. He’s done a really good job so far with our install and what we’re expecting. I’m excited for him to get out there and play.


Question: Anything this August that makes you want to take the team to a fish market?  (In reference to a comment he made last year when guys look drained)

McElwain: “So far it’s been pretty energetic. I’ve been excited. I’ve been really pleased with how the guys have gone about their daily business. We’ll see. I’m sure there will be a dead fish time sometime as we get through this year.”


Question: Have you worked on a staff that had all the assistant coaches during a game on the sideline and not in the press box?

McElwain: “I never have personally. Each and every program has their own ways of going about things. I think the experience of some guys being upstairs and being eyes in the sky, getting a view of it in a fairly stale environment where the emotions of the game aren’t really on you. I also really understand about those times with the players and being able to look them in the eye on the sideline. I think that it has a lot to do more than anything… each team’s support staff. Your GA’s are really the only other guys that can communicate from upstairs. If you have experienced guys there that know exactly what you want from either side of the ball, I think it’s a good idea. In our case, our sidelines are so tight it just brings extra guys down there, we have to try and clean it up down there.”


Question: Beyond campus restrictions, is there a team policy on owning handguns whether they are registered or not?

McElwain: “You can’t have them on campus. It’s University policy and part of our life skills program. Especially with current issues we have a lot of discussion and talk about it. That’s kind of how we handle it.”


Question: What went into decision to play and start Antonio Callaway?

McElwain: “I think it is one of those things that was researched through the University and a decision was made. That’s kind of the deal there.”


Question: Tyrie Cleveland and Rick Wells, do you anticipate more time that they’ll sit or is it touch and go?

McElwain: “They are dealing with some personal choice issues and we’ll play it like we do with all of our guys in their choice and decisions in what they do.”


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