Gators WR Ahmad Fulwood hoping to make 'bigger contributions' this season.

GAINESVILLE, Fla.-- Ahmad Fulwood is hoping to become the difference maker Florida needs this season. The Florida wide receiver discusses the changes he has seen on offense and more.

For Ahmad Fulwood the upcoming 2016 season is a chance to right some wrongs. 

“Last year I was a little disappointed in myself so I want to bounce back and have a better season than I did last year and make bigger contributions," said the Florida wide receiver. "As a team, I want to win the SEC championship this year; I want to got to the playoffs.”

It is not a secret that the offense stalled at the end of last year, however, according to the senior wide out, this year the offense has one thing no other Gators offense in his four years had, stability. Not only is Jim McElwain the head coach for the second straight year, but the offensive coordinator and the wide receiver coach remained unchanged. 

 “Being in my first year with them last year, it was difficult at first. But now, since we’ve gotten the stability that they’re here again," said Fulwood. "For me, this is the first time that I’ve had the same head coach, offensive coordinator, receivers coach for the second year. Other than my first year with Champ. For them to come back, the offense, we’re a step ahead every week. So over the offseason, I mean, when we’re learning the playbook, we’re getting more detailed instead of learning the vanilla of it. We were getting more detailed into the playbook. So that was good. Them being around and helping us obviously helped us a lot.” 

Fulwood admits that having Luke Del Rio and Austin Appleby under center as QB 1 and 2 respectively helps the offense.  

 "As far as our two guys right now, they’re killing it. They’re doing a great job. They’re taking in the offense well. They’re very detailed. They get us going. That’s probably the big thing is motivation-wise. They probably get us hustling and the little things that most people don’t see," he said.  "Our quarterbacks, they’re the older guys. They’ve kind of been stuck into that leadership role and taken a hold of our offense.”

 Del Rio is the starter for Florida's game against UMass on Saturday, and Fulwood has been impressed by his presence in the huddle. 

 “Honestly, it’s like the president walking in. Everyone shuts up and listens to whatever he has to say. He’s the head honcho. He’s the boss. Like I said, he gets everything going and he’s who we look for for motivation.”






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