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Breaking Down the Gators’ offense vs UMass

Florida ‘survived’ the game with UMass on Saturday. While the defense pretty much live up to its billing, the offense showed some signs of malaise. Here is an extensive play-by-play breakdown of Florida’s offense in the eyes of Bob Redman who spent four years in quality control at Florida earlier this millennium.

This is extensive but I think it gives about as accurate view of each play without actually knowing the exact play calls.


(1st &10) (-21)  Deep pass to Callaway who should have run a skinny post and cut toward the post.  It might have been a very deep completion if he stayed on it.  Two man route with 8-man protection, very nice pocket.  (2nd &10)  Inside zone run to the left. One back after 2nd back heads wide before snap. Seven in the box. Just five blockers and run into the four man defensive side.  Scarlett squeezes out a hard four yards.  (3rd &6) Five man protection with five in the box.  Defensive over the left side stunts and Sharpe picks up his guy and shoves him wide. The end coming inside spins and Martez Ivey loses him forcing Del Rio to throw quickly and get hit. He completes to Callaway at 5 yards who stiff arms and gets 12 on the play. (1st &10) Sweep left with Cam Dillard and Martez Ivey both pulling over the left side tight end Goolsby. Goolsby did his job completely, allowing his guy to come inside and when doing so Dillard gets the chip on him to make sure he doesn’t have a big push to get to Thompson running the ball. Both pullers did their job and got outside, Thompson should have stuttered inside and then out and he could have taken it up the sideline. Well blocked play and a solid run of 5 yards for Thomson.  (2nd &5) Bunch of short routes. Pretty good Thompson stays in to block with five linemen and Del Rio hits Hammond for three yards on the right side. (3rd &2) Two tight end tight set. It was a power run play to the left and Jordan pulls left. Thompson is supposed to carry that play off of Jordan’s left shoulder on the run and if he does he may be off to the races. Instead Jordan mashes his guy and Jordan heads right over the defender and still gets about 5-6 yards on the play. (1st &10) Handoff to Perine with five man line and five in the box. Pretty nicely blocked with Dillard getting his guy turned outside of the running lane, but Perine tiptoes to the line where that defender could then swipe his hand to force a fumble.  That has to be a bang-bang play and had Perine trusted the hole, the hole was there. He will get better. (2nd &11) Four wide pass play with Cronkrite in the backfield. Three short routes. With far left receiver going long.  The main culprit here is Dillard getting pushed back toward Del Rio, but  with 7 in the box,  UMass blitzes one linebacker who Jordan gets his hands on but not enough of and Del Rio gets rid of it fast to Powell for 3 yards. (3rd &8) UMass dancing moving around on other side of the line. Ivey whiffs on his guy coming through, then Cronkrite also whiffs as he was there to clean up the leftovers. This forces Del Rio outside of the pocket and he throws the ball away.


DRIVE KILLER: The hesitation and fumble by Perine on first down causes a 2nsd & 11 and suddenly the Gators are behind the chains.



(1st &10) (-29) Rain coming down and first play just a simple quick throw to Josh Hammond on the right side who catches for 2 yards and foght three guys for three more yards. (2nd &5) Six man line and six in the box over loaded on the offensives right hand side and they still run right. Linebacker comes free when Jordan double teams on tackle, but the play is quick hit enough where Scarlett gets by him with no problem.  Scarlett gets to the line of scrimmage quickly and then fights three guys for four yards. (3rd &1) Gators with an overloaded right-hand side and UMass counters leaning heavily the same way which is the short side of the field. A quick Toss and blocked ok, but too almost too many defenders if Thompson didn’t muscle his way for a yard. (1st &10) Five man protection,  five-man rush with a blitzing linebacker. Beautiful pocket and Del Rio steps in and slings a Dig route to Brandon Powell about 13 yards down the field where Powell gets another 6 yards and a 19 yard gain. (1st &10) 6-man line and UMass with 7 in the box. Inside zone run and Fred Johnson gets beat by a swim move on the outside. Tyler Jordan hits the second level and is in position for his block, but Cronkrite can’t get there as Fred’s man brings him down after a 4-yard run. (2nd &6) 5-man line with 6 in the box. Two backs and I can’t tell who it was on the right side but he did a super job of squaring up and picking up a blitzing linebacker. It was a beautiful pocket again and Del Rio was able to stand in and deliver a 9-yard pass to Ahmad Fulwood on a hook route on the left side. Fulwood ends up with 11 yards on the play. (1st &10) Another nice pocket, yet Del Rio gets a little happy feet and steps up and starts to scramble forward before finding Brandon Powell at the goal line. Throws the ball there and nearly picked off. Don’t like to see that pass. (2nd &10) Screen pass to the right and we know now that Dre Massey was playing with a torn ACL and almost made a very god block. Not enough, but Powell was able to squeeze 4 yards out of it. (3rd &7) UMass has 6 in the box and only 2 are down, they are moving people around trying to confuse. Misstep by Jordan allows his guy to get inside, but he recovers to push him beyond where he needed to. Del Rio had a decent pocket but understandably scrambles and gets 5 yards. (4th &1) Loaded front and under center , single back.  Del Rio keeps over right side and the pile moves him about 3 yards. (1st &10) split backs five ma protection. 6 in the box almost 7. UMass rushes 4, beautiful pocket. Del Rio sits in and delivers an easy TD pass to Callaway who is wide open in the end zone on a seam route.


BIG PLAY:  Of course the touchdown pass, but I liked the Dig route to Powell in the second 1st down play.  One thing we didn’t see enough of on Saturday was the receivers catching the ball on the move and with space to make more yards. That was one of them.



(1st &10) (-31) Four-wide and one back. Shotgun drop back pass.  Can’t tell who the back was, but he stepped in to the line and helped block, UMass brought five and a linebacker almost came free on the right side, but Tyler got a wing on him . It was enough time for Del Rio to set his feet and deliver a strike to Fulwood 16 yards down field, but was interfered with and a no-call by the officials.  (2nd &10) 4-wide set and the back flares off to the right. 5-on-5 up front and the linemen pick up every blocker pretty nicely. Del Rio has time and knows early that he needs to go to Callaway and hits him on a little hook route at the hash and 10 yards deep. Callaway gets 12 on the play. (1st &10) Tight formation and 7-8 in the box. A loaded right side and they run it that way with Thompson anyway. Jordan gets a solid block on the lineman in front of him then peels when Thompson hits the hole to get a solid block on the linebacker at the next level, this allows Thompson to get a couple of more yars on the play that ended up netting 5 yards. (2nd &5) Two tight end formation and in pistol. They run a quick screen to Josh Hammond who meanders his way for 8 yards. (1st &10) Two backs and Herndon goes wide to make a four wide set. Del Rio drops back, but Sharpe’s man blows by him and forced Luke to step up and jump pass it to Scarlett who gets the ball t six yards before finishing with 9 on a hard run after contact. (2nd &1) 6 man protection with Scarlett doing a great job. Jordan passed off the first guy to Scarlett like he was supposed to, then he slipped a little on the second defender coming through and he got by. Del Rio still had plenty of time with the deepest receiver already cutting to the post 12 yards beyond the line of scrimmage before there was any worry of getting hit. A little flustered, Del Rio throws off his back foot to the right and skips a shot toward Powell.  (3rd &1) Another tight formation and power play with Jordan puling to the left. Scarlett runs right up behind Ivey and gets 4 yards. (1st &10) Inside zone right play and just 5 in the box.  Everyone has a helmet on a man that needs to. Sharpe just needs to not give the guy to his left a direct route and he redirects him wide. The play was to the rght but they overloaded there so Scarlett cut back left and the side of the play caved in to the right. He was 6 yards down field before contact and added another 3 for a 9 yard run.  (2nd &1) 5-man front and 5 in the box.  Inside zone run to the right. Four guys did their job up front, but Dillard slips and hits the ground before reaching the linebacker he was supposed to get. That leaves that linebacker a clear hole to make the play on Scarlett, but he muscles his way for three yards after contact at the line of scrimmage. (1st &10) Two tight end set, stacked on the left side and in pistol. Ivey doesn’t put up much resistance and his guy gets by him easily forcing Luke to rush the throw and it falls incomplete. Clearly they were going for the end zone here from the 14 yard line. (2nd &10) Two tight end set, pistol with two receiver spread right side. They run a counter draw play and it appears that Jordan pulled correctly and was clear, but misread who to get once he got to beyond the line of scrimmage. If Jordan puts a helmet on that linebacker and Thompson runs off of his left side it is a touchdown. (3rd &6) Split backs and they both flare out to opposite directions. Twist game from defense on the left side of the OLine and Sharpe loses his man enough for Del Rio to be off and behind a pass to Thompson at the first down line. It probably should have been caught, but he dropped it. (4th &6) Field goal try is good but defensive off-sides leads McElwain to go for it. (4th &1) Power play to the right side with Ivey pulling beyond the tight end and Cox playing fullback. Ivey didn’t get enough kick out on the far end and Cox didn’t touch anyone to slow them down and Thompson was stopped for no gain on the play.

RESULT: Turnover on downs.

DRIVE KILLER: Will go with the 1st and 10 pass play that Del Rio was forced to get rid of followed by the next play where it appeared  Jordan missed his down field assignment.



(1st &10) (-8) Split backs. Jawaan Taylor in at right tackle and they run zone to that side. Taylor crush their linemen sideways and Scarlett gets a hard 4 yards when the second wave comes to meet him. (2nd &6) 4-wide set and Scarlett goes out for a pass too. OLine while giving way a little held a pocket long enough and Del Rio skipped a pass beyond the first down line intended for Goolsby.  (3rd &6) 1 back 1 TE set.  Really nice pocket as Del Rio sets and throws short to Hammond on the right side. It is hard to tell if he underthrew or a bad route.


DRIVE KILLER: Two skipped passes by Del Rio. Was he pressing at this point?



(1st &10) 4-wide, 1 TE. Del Rio drops back, nice pocket. Stunt up front and Ivey’s guy comes through first, but enough time to set and throw. Just underthrows to a crossing Callaway and the ball was tipped just enough for Callaway not to catch it.  (2nd &10) Split backs, three wide. Screen call was good as they were blitzing. OLine was out in position and Swain had a wall, but it appears he came back too far. He was a good 4-yards behind the line of scrimmage and should have been ahead. Therefore, one of the blitzing linebackers was able to peel off and make the play.  That is a coachable spot there. (3rd &9) 1 back 4-wide. Good pocket for De Rio.  He throws low to Swain on the left side, but good enough for the freshman to scoop it up for 11 yards and a first down. (1st &10) 1 back 1 TE set. A quick flare pass to Cronkrite who was in perfect position to catch and run for 6 yards and gets out of bounds to stop the clock. (2nd &4) 1 back, 1 TE set. Sharpe allows the DE to come almost and it almost looks intentional as he double teams the rush inside. Hard to tell completely, but that could have been the man Cronkrite was assigned to in terms of is he comes then the hot read is to Cronk. That is where Del Rio went with the ball, but the guy was coming too fast and batted it away.  (3rd &6) Nice hot read with Dl Rio and Callaway. UMass brought five and that changed Callaway’s pattern to run and sit in the middle of the defense. Del Rio floated it up and he caught it easy just beyond the sticks and ended up 13 yards on the play. (1st &10) 1 back, 4 wides but tight set. Nice pocket, but Del Rio felt a tiny bit of pressure and threw off his back foot causing a short pass to Powell to go behind the line of scrimmage and they lose two yards on the play. (2nd &12) 1 back 1 TE  wide and Del Rio flips it quickly outside to Goolsby who gets 4 yards. (3rd &8) 5-wide and UMass rushes 4.  Del Rio has all day and then lofts one up for Powell who went out of bounds and back in and so the catch at the goal line was ruled invalid.




(1st &10) (-29) 1 TE, 1 RB set.  Sweep right with Scarlett and 6 blockers with 6 in the box.  Jordan and Dillard both pull right. Dillard was a little too slow getting to his man and Scarlett should have stayed deeper and gone around. Run nets zero on the play. (2nd &10) 1 back 2 wide set. Taylor and Johnson on the right side at tackle and tight end. Straight inside zone run on the right side where Jordan and Johnson both seal their guys and create a huge hole for Scarlett to run through. He nets 7 yards before getting tackled. (3rd &3) Quick hitter to Goolsby who crosses over the backfield beore the snap and releases to get about 5 yards on the quick catch to the right. (1st &10)1 back, three receiver set.  Taylor in as an extra lineman. UMass rushes 4 and the OLine protects beautiful Del Rio has all day to throw. He can’t find a receiver deep so tries to hit Thompson at about 7 yards and Thompson drops it when hit right after the ball arrives. (2nd &10) 1 back 1 TE set. Quick hitter to the left for Callaway who gets 4 yards. (3rd &6) 1 back, 1 TE set. Del Rio gets a little happy feet after a well formed pocket and a blitz that was picked up by the back.  Scrambled for just a yard.


DRIVE KILLER: Dropped pass by Thompson that would have kept the team in a good down and distane situation.



(1st &10) (-20) 1 back 1 tight end set.  Five man protection and beautiful. Del Rio looks deep on the right side before dumping it to Cronkrite at about five yards and he gets 10 on the catch. (1st &10) Quick screen to the right to Hammond. Ball was a little high, but Hammond corrals and heads up field for 10 yards. (1st &10) Wildcat with Cronkrite. (clearly supposed to be Massey) Ivey pulls right and between he and Johnson, they didn’t get enough of the defensive end they were supposed to block and their guy gets a hand in to trip Cronkrite for a 1 yard gain. (2nd &9) Inside zone to the right side and the entire line did their job. Best job was by Jordan who squared his guy up about 2 yards deep and backed him up, Cronkrite dipped to the middle and drew a linebacker, then skated quickly outside and over Tyler’s right shoulder for a 10 yard gain. Really nice play there.  (Penalty) Ivey called for hands to the face. (2nd &23) 5 man protection, 4 rushers. Nice pocket. Del Rio steps up and hits Hammond on the sideline for a quick out pass and 13 yards. (Horrible spit by the ref gives him 11 yards). (3rd &11) 5 man protection and UMass movement all over the place, they bring a 5th guy on a delayed blitz. Del Rio holds the ball a little too long and is flushed by the blitzing backer and his hit while trying to throw the ball as it goes incomplete.


DRIVE KILLER: The big hands to the face penalty which negated a first down that would have kept the chains moving.



(1st &10) (-42) 5 man protection with back staying in to block. UMass rushes 4. Nothing wrong with protection but Del Rio slides to his right. He makes the prettiest throw of the day when on the move to the right he finds Brandon Powell  for 19 yards on a dig over the middle. (1st &10) Another nice pocket with 5 man protection. This time he finds Goolsby on the same route over the middle for another 19 yards. (1st &10) 1 back 1 TE set and back stays in to block. 6 man rush with 6 blockers.  Pocket sets up nice, but the back cheats early blocking inside when Johnson on the right side had two to block. The extra man gets loose and Del Rio had to kind of rush the throw to the end zone incomplete. (2nd &10) Split backs no TE’s. (Penalty) Fred Johnson called for holding.  (2nd &20) Split backs and no TE. Bad exchange from Del Rio o Cronkrite and Del Rio keeps it following Cronkrite through the hole for 7 yards. (3rd &13) 1 back 3 wide. Johnson allows his man to get to Del Rio and was hit as he threw. Del Rio lands on the ball for the only sack of the day.

RESULT: Field Goal

DRIVE KILLER: Holding penalty on Johnson put the chains back at (2nd &20)



(1st &10) Split backs no TE. UMass has 7 in the box (too many). Inside zone run and the safety that runs up late gets by Jordan too quick to his right side getting an arm on Scarlett who gets about a yard on the play. (2nd &9) 4-wides tight formation. 8 in the box. Scarlett takes a toss to the right. And following the lead block of Jawaan Taylor in for Johnson and a terrific double block by Powell of two linebackers at the second level, Scarlett nets 9 yards on the play. (3rd &inches) Tight formation and De Rio sneaks for 3 yards. (1st &10) 1 back 1 TE set. UMass brings five with 6-man protection. Scarlett follows a nice double block by Jordan who sealed the lineman in front of him long enough for Scarlett to get by, then reached to the 2nd level for a linebacker slowing his progress enough for Scarlett to scamper for 7 yards. (2nd &3) Quick screen on the outside to Powell who shows his strength by immediately breaking the tackle of the guy on him and then scampering down the sideline for the 26-yard touchdown.

RESULT: Touchdown

BIG PLAY: Powell breaking a tackle for the touchdown.



(1st &10) (-30) 1 back 2 TE set. A loaded box and tight formation,. Scarlett makes a heck of a nice run with just a little crease away from where the hole was supposed to be. Nice move by UMass linebacker caused the expected hole to close up but Scarlett jetted to the right and picked up 11 yards. (1st &10) Same play all around and Scarlett takes it wider this time. He picks up 6 yards. (2nd &4) Quick outside screen to Callaway and a nice block from Powell springs him. A couple of shimmies later and Callaway ends up with a 10 yard pass reception. (1st &10) Another quick screen, to the right this time to Callaway. He runs right through one tackler and gets 10 yards on the play. (1st &10) tight formation and double tight ends. Sharpe left his man too early and the outside zone run by Cronkrite loses a yard. (2nd &11) Quick screen to Callaway on the right side nets 5 yards. (3rd &6) Del Riuo rushes a flare pass to Cronkrite and the ball sails over Cronk’s head incomplete.

RESULT: Field Goal

DRIVE KILLER: Sharpe not staying with his block gets Cronkrite stuck for a 1 yard loss on 1st down.



The Gators scored on 5 of 10 possessions and took one off the board to try and get more.  No turnovers, even though a couple of close calls. They were 9 of 17 on 3rd down conversions. Outside of the failed 4th down attempt there was major push on the quarterback sneaks, something we never saw a year ago regardless of the opponent.

Del Rio had way many more good plays than bad. With Massey going down on the opening kickoff and Callaway running the wrong route on the opening play, the deep threats basically went out the window for the night. That is why things were in the short field so much. That will get rectified with someone filling in a lot of Massey’s role one way or another.

Loved the way Scarlett, Thompson  and Cronkrite ran. All three had some very bright moments in my mind. Thompson needs to work on catching the ball.

Powell is one heck of a blocker, that kid gives everything regardless if he has the ball or not on the play. Oh yeah, he can make a play or two with the ball as well. The two freshmen receivers will continue to grow, They performed well on the big stage for the first time. Swain was thrust into a much bigger role when Massey went down.

Not enough from Goolsby, need more and with Cyontai back that is a positive.

I have seen a few comments on the offensive line and I thought I was pretty fair and in-depth with my assessment, stating how I thought they played. As I have stated, I believe they are still the weak link of the team. But, I thought they were far better than many have characterized.

I think when we watch a play and try and grade linemen, sometimes you have to know what the play is. Sometimes, it is okay for that linemen to let someone free. Or if the play is to the right side, you can let the defensive guy come past you full steam on the left side. It is all relative to the play. Sometimes we ask linemen to block a guy that is one spot over and in front and the leverage isn’t going to be the best. You ask them to do the best they can to make that block knowing that the other guy will have the advantage. When a lineman is in the open field and blocking a smaller guy, you aren’t asking him to bulldoze that guy every time even if he is the guy blocking at the second level. Sure, if they can, go for it. But, the moment these guys start diving at these smaller players to block them in the open field is when they end up on the grass and the smaller player running right by them. When grading linemen, all these things are taken into account.

They certainly weren’t perfect. Dillard got blown up twice that I saw. Although Jordan didn’t get blown up, he missed a block or two when in motion. Not the wrong assignment from him, but just unable to get in front of his guy and engage like he should or late recognizing the right guy. Ivey had issues with spin moves and smaller guys got by him a few times. Both Sharpe and Fred had 2-3 whiffs on the outside that can be costly.  I don’t know how anyone can complain about Jawaan Taylor’s time on the field. I still believe he will take that right tackle spot before too long.

Again I thought I was balanced on each play and actually trying to be critical, but fair. These guys probably didn’t quite play up to what I thought they would, but they weren’t that far from it.

I hope you enjoyed reading this. 

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