Jim McElwain (Jacquie Franciulli)

McElwain SEC Teleconference 9/7/16

Florida head coach Jim McElwain talked to the national media during his SEC Teleconference call on Wednesday. The SEC opener vs. Kentucky was the main topic.

McElwain Introduction: “I think we were able to learn a lot from last week’s ball game from a lot of guys that had their first collegiate experience. It was fun to see them get in there and play. Now they have to get in there and realize you aren’t a rookie anymore. We’re excited about those guys opportunity as we open up SEC play and see how we’re going to perform.

"It was a great atmosphere for all the weather we had here on opening day in The Swamp. WE are looking forward to getting back here in the afternoon and seeing what this Gator team is all about."


Question: With all the focus on the playoffs and selection committee, have we gotten to the point where the pressure is so high that you have to not just win but win convincingly?

McElwain: “That is kind of interesting. I’m obviously not a pretty guy anyway so I’d probably never win pretty. I think at the end of the day it’s about figuring out how to win a ball game and th schedule you play. All you can do is control your own team and in your own way you go about yourself. I know a lot of people think they have to run points up and all that stuff, but that isn’t probably the way we are made, yet time will tell.”


Question: If Florida wins on Saturday it wil be 30 straight against Kentucky, will that be a part at all of the motivation to get your team ready this week?

McElwain: “Obviously it’s out there. That’s the great thing about sports. There is always something to make about every event. At the same time, both of these teams that are coming into play, these teams haven’t played each other. It’s 0-0. I think the one thing you do se over years since Coach Stoops has been there a couple of years in The Swamp… a couple of years back they had one that they thought they had won. Last year was a true dog fight down there. It will be interesting to see. You know, anytime you get into an SEC game you kind of throw everything out anyway and two teams go out and battle. It’s obviously there, but it really doesn’t mean much because these two teams have never played.”


Question: How did Luke play after watching film?

McElwain: “He did okay, for a first collegiate start. He missed six throws that I know he’d love to have back. The good thing is he took care of the football. He avoided sacks. He missed a couple of checks here and there, but overall he did pretty darn good. Yet, he will continue to get better. I know he was excited afterwards just to get that first game anxiety out a little bit and work on some things he saw from the game. Now, the stakes are higher because you are playing a conference game. I am kind of looking forward to seeing how he progresses this week.”


Question: How do you utilize him as the head ball consultant?

McElwain: “It’s been great having him around. He comes out and gets his football fix a little bit and watches practice in bits and pieces. For me, just to be able to visit with him about things that come up for all the years he sat in this chair, the different ways he might have approached (things). Be ti a conference game or rivalries, whatever that is. Having that ‘hey how’d you go about it and how does that fit with the way we’re doing things?’ has really been fun/ Last week meant a lot to him and a lot to Gators in general that he was honored like that. I know him being around has been really good.”


Question: The 3 overtime game two years ago…

McElwain: “That is one of those deals where we did look at that when we first got here. We realized if there was any gap at any time, how lose that gap has narrowed. I think what it did more than anything for the psyche piece, they are ready to go play and they see ’you know what we can do this’. That whole piece right there from a mental stand pioint is something we have talked about.” 


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