Gators' Tyler Jordan: “We have to finish”

If there was a unit on the Florida team that was called out Saturday after a win, but disappointing outing for the Gators against UMass, it was the offensive line. Sophomore guard Tyler Jordan says that head coach Jim McElwain’s words didn’t fall on deaf ears and the guys up front know what they have to do.

After the 24-7 win over UMass in week one, McElwain talked about his displeasure in the offensive line ‘moping around’ between plays and lacking the energy to keep the opposition back pedaling. The head man was none too pleased about that aspect of their play.

“The main thing is we have to finish,” Tyler Jordan said Tuesday after a tough practice. “That’s one thing we’ve been working on this week in practices, getting to the ball, keeping a high tempo, and try and finish every play as hard as we can.”

“He expects that out of us. He has high expectations of us and we have to deliver.”

Although it didn’t appear that McElwain’s comments were directed at Jordan, he specifically pointed out the tackles. Jordan knows the whole unit has to get in gear. This bodes especially true now that the SEC schedule is upon them with Kentucky coming to town this weekend.

“I came out there and was excited to play and was playing hard,” Jordan said. “On the long drives when we’re getting down to the 20 or 30 yard line, we just have to buckle down and work hard.

“Most of the offense runs through us, so we just have to get up there and finish every play and once we do that momentum shifts to our side and everybody gets excited.”

Sophomore quarterback Luke Del Rio played and started in his first game as a Gator. Jordan said Del Rio the signal caller is a true leader on the field.

“I thought he did well,” Jordan said of Del Rio. “He had a good composure about himself and you could tell he was being a leader. He was trying to motivate us to get in and get the score, so I think he did well.

One of those moments of motivating happened on the sideline when the team failed to finish a drive and had to settle for a long field goal. Del Rio went to the sideline and was on the offensive line for not getting in gear between plays and finishing during the plays.

“He was just trying to get us going, getting us to finish,” Jordan said. “That’s what he was really harping on us. We’re getting a good drive and getting down there, so we just have to get under ourselves and finish the drive and go score.

The task gets a little bigger this weekend as the Gators start SEC play. Kentucky comes in giving up a ton of yardage on the ground to Southern Miss last week, and they have their issues. But, the Wildcat offense can put points on the board. Florida will have to score touchdowns instead of so many field goals this week.

“Very physical and big up front,” Jordan said of the Wildcat defense. “They have the one big nose tackle. They are going to come and play so we have to bring our A-game.”

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