Florida defensive back Nick Washington discusses the upcoming game against North Texas and how the defense needs to improve.

GAINESVILLE, Fla.-- Nick Washington and Florida are preparing for their next opponent, North Texas. He discusses the preparations required and what the defense learned from the last game.

Despite it being a brand new season, Nick Washington and the Florida Gators are haunted by how the 2015 season ended. 
"We hold ourselves to a high standard so we have no drop offs," he said. 
On Saturday the Gators put together a great team performance to blow out Kentucky 45-7. In that game, the defense held the Wildcats to under 150 yards of total offense and forced four turnovers. Although the numbers were pretty impressive, Washington and company still feel they have not reached their full potential. 
"I mean the last drive really hurt us we really were going for that shut out," said the Florida defensive back. "I think we really did well communicating on the defensive stand point. I think the offense passed the ball well, ran the ball well. I think we played sound up until the last quarter. And going into halftime the big run that they topped off. I wish we could have took that one back."
Washington adds, "the defense, we take pride in being the best of all of us"
UF is known to many as DBU, and like Wilson, Washington jokes that he cherishes teams that seek to throw against them. He credits the group's confidence and success to how the unit handles adversity in a game. 
"We criticize each other constructively, make sure we're all in the right position. We keep each other accountable," he said. ""I do think we have a family atmosphere going on. You know, everyone is real close, and like I said we hold each other accountable with everything that we do which is helping us in a long run.

Nothing Changes

On Saturday UF will host North Texas, an opponent not very well known, however an opponent the Gators are not taking lightly. 
"We've been watching film on them so far, they've got a couple of good players here and there so we are ready to play them," said Washington. "Their quarterback has a strong arm, they have a tall wide receiver, their running backs they hit the hole pretty hard." 
"We just go out there and play every team the same," he added.  "It doesn't matter if it is a conference game or non conference game."

Odds and Ends

"Lamical did great. He has been running the ball tough, he has been catching it well. I was proud of him. "
On Quincy Wilson 
"Quincy is a great player. He is quiet, he is another quiet one, but he is a great player, always making plays around the field and things like that." 

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