We Have Takeoff!!!

I am proud to introduce a brand new web-site to the TheInsiders.com Network called UFInsider.com. For now, it will concentrate on Florida Gator recruiting, and in time, it will evolve it full Gator coverage of both football and basketball.

I was approached by our TheInsider.com management to take on this challenge because we do not have a Florida Gator web-site. Like I state earlier, it will start out as a recruiting site, and eventually evolve into a comprehensive site covering football, basketball and recruiting. The sky's the limit because of two reasons – the Gators have one of the best overall programs in the nation and Florida has a huge fan following, especially on the Internet.

Now until we get this thing cranking, we will concentrate on recruiting and recruiting only. I say "we" because I am not the only one working on this site and that is the beauty of the whole thing. I have assembled a team of three others and it will be a collective, team effort. With that being said, nobody will cover the Florida Gator recruiting effort better than UFInsider.com.

Another thing I want to make clear is that this is a separate site to BorderWars.com. What appears on UFInsiders.com will not appear on BorderWars.com and vice-versa. So you can get all your exclusive Gator recruiting information from here on out on UFInsider.com. Most of the information will be Premium, meaning this site will survive on subscriptions, so we need your support.

Eventually, we will have up and running the prospect database, visit list, commitment list, chat room, message boards, and other goodies that only relate to the Florida Gators.

I am very excited about the possibility of a site like this and I hope you are to. Please give us your feedback because our one mission is to make this the best Florida Gator web-site on the Internet.

Thanks for your support.


Jamie Newberg

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