Friday Evening Practice Report

It's no surprise, but Dickey confirmed he will remain a Gator for atleast another season....

Florida quarterback Gavin Dickey reiterated Friday evening that he has no intention of transferring away from Florida.

While he did admit he has been edged out by Chris Leak and Ingle Martin lately, the redshirt freshman has no intentions of giving up his fight.

"Those two guys may be ahead of me in the battle, but it's a long war ahead," he said.

Florida coach Ron Zook also appeared to have a similar amount of confidence in his first recruit as a head coach.

"Gavin will play quarterback for the University of Florida," Zook said after the evening workout. "I believe that. That's why Gavin is a winner. He's a competitor. Who knows what's going to happen in two weeks or three weeks, or one week for that matter?"

CARTHON TO START: Zook may not want to crack when it comes to the starting quarterback, but he didn't hesitate when asked who will play the first down at tailback.

"Ran Carthon will be the starting tailback," he said.

That's not to say a handful of other backs will see time though. DeShawn Wynn and Ciatrick Fason have both continued to close the gap on Carthon's edge.

WIDE OPEN: When Florida plays San Jose State in a week, expect an attempt at a heavy air attack. And don't be surprised by a few trick plays.

"Particulary in this first game, we're going to have to play a lot of [defensive backs]," Zook said. "Their offense is very similar to ours in that they play a lot of wide receivers. They're a wide-open offense. They really are."

FED UP: Zook said Friday he would rather let next week's practices reveal who will start at quarterback.

"I'm not going to say anything else about it. You can keep asking me all the ways you want to ask me. That's fine. You're just waisting everybody's time."

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