Florida Head Coach JIm McElwain wants his Gators to 'be somebody' and take the initiative

NASHVILLE, Tenn.-- Florida head coach Jim McElwain made a passionate plea to his team after the win over Vanderbilt on Saturday, 'be somebody.'

Florida head coach Jim McElwain might be happy to move to 4-1 on the season on Saturday, however, he is no where happy at where his team stands. Despite beating Vanderbilt 13-6, the Gators lacked the energy needed to put the game away early and let Vandy take control in the line of scrimmage.
McElwain attributes this to a lack of initiative from his men, and wants his team to take the first punch moving forward. 
"I mean, let's go, right? This is what you do this for,' said McElwain. "Guys, we're running out of opportunities. We only have so many opportunities, but I go back. Don't wait. Go do it yourself. Take the initiative. Jump out there. Be somebody. It's not that hard." 

The Gators struggled out of the gates in Nashville. The offense failed to connect on a first down until midway through the first quarter and was forced to punt four straight times before finally earning a touchdown in the second quarter. According to McElwain, one problem was the offensive line, who allowed two sacks against the Commodores and did not open up the gaps needed to establish a strong ground game- UF only amassed 92 yards on the ground, averaging 2.6 yards per carry. 

"We've got to play with better pad level and we've got to get off the ball with a sense of urgency and quit waiting for somebody else to hit you in the mouth," said McElwain. "It's that simple. I'm sick of seeing it." 

"He preaches that we need to have a fast start and play with a low pad level on the offensive line," added Florida running back Jordan Scarlett, who had 63 yards and a touchdown on 12 carries. "We kind of did that but I feel like we could have done better, because we were showing, preparing better all week and we showed better last week in the first half.”

The Gators are set to play a very physical team in LSU next week, and McElwain understands a performance like the one against Vanderbilt up front is unacceptable. He is prepared to hold his players accountable. 

"Correct the mistakes. Do it at a high level and understand you're a Florida Gator," he said. "What that simply means is you have to hold yourself to a higher standard in everything that you do. We have some guys that do and some guys that kind of wait for somebody else. You don't need to wait for somebody else. Do it yourself, you know? Like it drives me nuts." 


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