Jordan Scarlett being patient, but should he have to?

Jordan Scarlett was the leading rusher for the Florida Gators on Saturday running 12 times for 55 yards and a solid 4.6 yard average and a touchdown. This wasn’t the first game for that to happen and he leads the team on the season with 274 yards and four touchdowns in the five games played. The Gators certainly have a talented group, but should Scarlett be getting more?

It wasn’t a perfect outing for Jordan Scarlett on Saturday. The biggest negative was a goal line play at the end of a long drive in which he was a key part of and he just seemed to run out of gas when he was handed the ball. The offense was in a surprise hurry up mode and there was no time for a change, Scarlett took the handoff and wasn’t hitting the line of scrimmage like he needed to.

Humble as usual after the game, Scarlett owned up to the mistake.

“I think I did pretty (well), but you know there’s a lot of things I could improve on,” he said about the game. “You know on that second run, where I could have scored and lowered my pads and I kind of got complacent cause I thought I was in there. But you know (there are) just some things I’ve got to work on all week.”

Scarlett scored the only touchdown of the game for either team in the first half. He also rattled off a 24-yard gain in the first half solidifying his mark as the leading ground gainer before the halftime break. Yet, when the second half started, he was waiting on the sideline eager to get back in when his number was called.  

“I just feel like I’ve got to play my part, you know I’m not really here for any individual stuff,” Scarlett said. “I’m just here to bring the team together and come for a win, so whatever coach wants me to do. Whether it’s goal line, short yardage, or whatever. I’m all for it.”

They Gators have a set routine for the four running backs they use to start the game. Whether it is an eight play rotation set or more, the four backs get in the game early and they want to try and ride the hot hand from there. After those original set plays, Scarlett says they don’t know when their name will be called.

“Nah I don’t know when it’s coming,” he said. “You know it’s just when coach calls on me to get in, you know I just do what I can to help the team.”

“Before the game you know it’s kind of strategized, but once we get in the game you know it’s just the flow of the game. Whoever’s good at that moment and has a hot hand, or if they’re tired. The thing is we have a lot of good backs and we can rotate them.”

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Scarlett did admit that there are times when he really wants to stay in the game or get back in.

“Yeah, just a little bit, but you know it kind of helps and it kind of doesn’t,” he said of the four back merry-go-round. “You feel like ‘Dang, I want to be in there right now, I can do this I can do that’, but then you got another dude who can do it just as good as you. You’ve just got to be a team player and it’s a learning lesson for me and I’m enjoying the process.”

Scarlett hinted that someone that is in the game more can build a little bit of connection with the guys blocking for him, get in a rhythm.

“I think you can get chemistry with the offensive line more and you know you’ll be able to read the defense and tell what the defense’s tendencies are,” he said. “”But you know I feel like we do a pretty good job at studying film all week and that helps us a lot.”

One thing Scarlett would like to improve on is the long play. He runs extremely hard and gets yards near the line of scrimmage, but his 24 yard run was the longest of the season so far and that needs to get better.

 “I feel like I’m having a pretty good year, I’m having some tough physical runs,” he said. “But I need to extend my game, like you know catching out of the backfield and breaking for touchdowns.”

 The staff agrees on the last point

“They said that I’m running hard, but… they’d like to see some home run hits from me.”


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