Florida's Bryan Cox discusses Missouri's offense and where the Tigers can cause some troubles.

GAINESVILLE, Fla.-- Florida defensive end Bryan Cox discusses Missouri's offense, and what the Gators need to do in order to be successful on Saturday.

After suffering an ankle injury, Bryan Cox is fit and ready to get back to work on Saturday. 

“It did hurt pretty bad," said the Florida defensive end.  "I had an ankle [injury] and a little bit of tendinitis in my knee that were on the same leg so it kind of made it a little hard, but I’m good now.”

Florida will need a fit and ready Cox this weekend with Missouri coming to The Swamp. After leading the nation in sacks, the Gators defense fell down to seven in the country. After struggling against Tennessee in the second half and their lackluster performance against Vanderbilt, UF is looking to find its stride against the Tigers. 

“This is obviously very important because it’s our next game," said the UF defensive lineman. "Whenever we have another game we focus on that and that only. So we’re just gonna come out and play Gator football.”

Missouri will provide a challenge to Jim McElwain's team, however. Mizzou's offense is eighth in the country in total passing yards, and play at a very high tempo. 

“We just have to be more efficient in our pass rush lanes," said Cox. "A lot of people are starting to max protect more and do like two man routes and stuff like that. We just have to more proficient.”

With Missouri's fast-tempo offense, conditioning will be key for the Gators defense. 

"They like to get the ball up and get the snap quick. You've got to be in good shape," he said. "We’re going to have to get our feet set and play ball. Ball snapped, it gets out, you’ve got to get back and do the same thing over again. Hopefully, we’ll be effective and we’ll slow it down."
 Mizzou sophomore QB Drew Lock has thrown 1,675 total yards and 14 touchdowns, ranking 1st and 2nd in the SEC, respectively. 

 "The past couple of weeks, we haven’t really been doing really well in pass rush. Not so much not doing well, but we haven’t been getting to the quarterback and sacking him. So we have to put a big emphasis on that this weekend, pass-rushing efficiently.”

Odds and Ends 

On CeCe Jefferson

“He can play it all. He’s versatile. You know, he can play inside, outside. It doesn’t matter," he said. "He’s been doing a real good job for us, so I like how he plays.”

On Jarrad Davis and Alex Anzalone

“I mean if you ask me, I think they’re the best linebacker duo in the nation. So that says it all. That says enough for me," said Cox. “They can run and they’re smart, so they fit their gaps. They know where they’re supposed to be. They know where the ball’s at before it’s there. They just run.”

"His personality is probably the No. 1 thing. He's a really fun guy to be around. He taught me a lot of things that I hadn't known before, so it's really good to learn from him."
On Mizzou's Charles Harris
"He's a pretty good pass rusher. I remember him last year. I think he has a good spin move. I think that's his move. He's a good player," he said. "He's just a strong, physical, fast guy. You've got to account for him."
"He disrupts everything. That's not really a stat you can count. He may not make the tackle but he's going to destroy a puller or just disrupt the whole play. It wouldn't show up in stat sheet."

“I’m very impressed. He’s a freak. He’s going to be really good in the future, and he’s already good right now," Cox said. “He’s a guy who likes to learn. I mean, me being an older guy, I took him under my wing a little bit and taught him some things. He’s just very attentive and he likes to learn a lot, so that’s good.”



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