Gators' Pineiro’s enthusiasm gets the better of him

Florida’s homecoming win over Missouri Saturday has the Gators standing alone at the top of the SEC East. A quick fix at the place kicker position has made it a little easier to try and reach team goals.

The 40-14 win in The Swamp Saturday night over Missouri was accompanied by Tennessee’s loss to Alabama, putting the Gators at the top with a 3-1 record in conference play. 

A large part of Florida’s success has to be the added bonus of actually making field goals this season.  Florida kicker Eddy Pineiro has already kicked more field goals than last year’s full season.

Pineiro’s talent is evident and it is a rarity to see him miss, but Florida went scoreless in the first quarter as Pineiro actually missed a field goal with heavy rain and wind.

“It was kind of windy and it was raining but I mean there is no excuse,” Pineiro said.  “I should have made that.  But it is kind of hard to kick in the pouring rain and there’s a wind against you but there’s no excuse because I should have made it.”

Pineiro’s kick went barely wide right.

“It was windy,” Pineiro said.  “I lined up for my first kick and I felt the breeze hitting me in the face.  But like I said, there are no excuses I should have made it.  It was going down the middle and at the last second it curved off.”

After Pineiro’s rare miss, he said he just needs to get back focused and prepare himself for the rest of the game.  He needs to think positively and not get down on himself.  His ways must work as he came back in the second quarter and made a 53 yard field goal.

“I try to stay focused,” Pineiro said.  “Stay on the sideline and just pray, and think about the happy things in life that I enjoy and I think I bounced back pretty good, come back and make another one.  So it’s all about how you react to a miss.

As a former soccer player, Pineiro is fairly new to football and has a little bit of a learning curve. 

Florida head coach Jim McElwain said Pineiro may get caught up in the game and excitement a bit to remember what step comes next.  He said After Pineiro made his exciting 53-yard field goal, he ran to the sideline pumping up his teammates and forgot he had to go kickoff. 

“I was super excited, I was hyped,” Pineiro said with a sheepish smile.  “I was trying to hype up my teammates and I lost focus for a second like ‘Oh wait, I got to go kick off.  I got to stop telling my teammates Lets go.’  I was trying to hype them up and get them happy.”?


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