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Gators' Quincy Wilson: “We came in their place and handled business”

It isn’t like this game needed any more motivation for either team, but LSU freshman defensive back Savion Smith provided just that. During pregame warmups, Smith decided he was going to test Florida during drills and wandered into the area where the defensive backs were and talking trash. Florida junior cornerback Quincy Wilson decided he was tired of the noise from that team.

For a month and a half, since the game that was supposed to be played in Gainesville was postponed back on October 8, the taunting and tries at intimidation coming from every avenue of Baton Rouge had been outrageous, so now the words turned into a little bit more and stepping into the personal space.

Quincy Wilson just got tired of it and decided he was going to make a statement of his own, setting off a little bit of a skirmish an hour or so before the 16-10 Gator win.

"One of their guys was in my way and I bumped into him on purpose to set it off,” Wilson said. “We ain't going like that."

That spark matched the mindset the team had all week leading up to the contest. They seemed to feed off of the verbiage coming out of LSU. If there was going to be any lull heading into kickoff, this little incident changed all of that.

“It gave us a lot of juice,” Wilson said. “Because, you know, they were disrespecting us and they disrespected us on the field. So just to send a little message that we're not just going to take whatever y'all trying to do. Y'all can disrespect us on Twitter or whatever. But when you come in here and do it in our face, we ain't going like that."

Normally teams that are this worked up over each other carry that into the penalty category of a game. Almost miraculously, there were only three penalties called the entire game. A personal foul call was made on the opening kickoff against LSU, but from that point there was nothing on the field that was flagged for personal fouls or unsportsmanlike contact. 

There was plenty of tough hard-nosed play, but it was otherwise played within the rules. The Gators needed the win to make their first preseason goal.  But all of the talk really forced this team to focus and they did.

“There was a lot of buildup coming into the game,” Wilson said.  The East was in our hands. The whole thing with the little hurricane and they were saying we were scared or whatever. Clearly we ain't scared. We came into their place and handled business."

"Everything that they said throughout the week, they were talking and whatnot. 'We scared' or whatever they wanted to say. We just went out there and practiced this week knowing it was fistfight. This wasn't a regular game. We just went out there and they tested our manhood and we responded."

Wilson said this may have been his favorite win as a Gator.

"Just because of everything,” he said. “The whole DBU talk and them saying we're scared and then the fact that we came here and beat them."

"It's definitely fun to make memories like this with these types of guys. We just gotta keep taking care of business. We got another big game next week and then we're back in Atlanta."

“We were just happy. A lot of these guys haven’t beaten LSU. First win, and the way we won too. The whole thing this week was they were going to test our manhood.  Fourth-and-one on the one yard line. It doesn’t get any bigger than that.”


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