Revenge on Horizon

The confidence begins to build for next week's matchup against Miami....

It hadn't been five minutes, and already Florida's freshmen were getting ahead of themselves.

The locker room was loud. The hollering had begun. And the emotions were running high.

"The swagger is back, baby," yelled one of Florida's true freshmen to senior Ran Carthon. "The swagger is back!"

"Swagger?" Carthon answered. "You don't get swagger off of one win." Carthon knows. He knows because he's been there. So have the rest of the Gators' seniors.

A year ago, just like Saturday when the Gators pounced San Jose State 65-3, Florida had opened up the season with a 51-3 blowout against Alabama Birmingham.

And just like a year ago, Florida racked up 27 points in the second quarter.

So what happened seven days later? Embarrassment. They lost. To Miami – next week's opponent -- 41-16.

Yet while Florida will attempt to preach complacency all this week, while they'll do their best to limit the trash talk, these Gators aren't afraid to admit it.

"This is nothing like last year," said senior Kelvin Kight.

Kight said last year's team lacked the offensive ability to spread the ball out. It lacked the options and big-play ability.

That's why the senior wide receiver wore a wristband during Saturday's game that read, "Respect." He, just like the rest of the Gators feeling insulted by the critics' voices, believes Miami will lose.

That's why offensive guard Shannon Snell said he hopes the Hurricanes were watching closely Saturday night.

"They better have been," he said. "Then they'll know they can't laugh at our defense. They better get ready for us, because the Gators aren't going anywhere. We're for real."

As much as the Gators know its time to be quiet, they're sick of all the disrespect. So much so that Snell, who claims to still love Miami quarterback Brock Berlin, said he hopes Florida defense shows no affection in a week's time.

"I hope our defense hits him in the mouth," Snell said. "I hope we make his mouth bleed."

So forget complacency. These Gators want to win. And these Gators believe they can do just that.

"Last year, Miami was unstoppable and unbeatable," wide receiver Carlos Perez said. "Not this year."

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