Taking a step forward

It has been a long and tumultuous season for the Florida offense. That season won’t get easier with the Top 25 defense the Gators will face in the Outback Bowl in Tampa on January 2. The Iowa Hawkeyes present a formidable challenge for the Gator offense and sophomore running back Jordan Scarlett says his side of the ball would like to make a statement for the future in the game.

Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE Florida is on a two game skid and the offense is the area of the team that everyone points to as the culprit for when things usually go wrong. Leaving a lasting impression of the good sort is what this team wants to do on Monday and it starts with winning the game against the 8-4 Hawkeyes.       

"It's a real important thing to do,” Jordan Scarlett said after practice on Wednesday. “We have to set a standard for next year, and you know, a lot of people doubted our offense just because of the things that we've been doing throughout the season. But we just have to make sure we're just sound on everything that we're doing and we'll be all right."

Scarlett knows that the offense has to be better in the execution part of the game.

"I look at it like we could have done a lot of better things,” he said. “We made a lot of mental mistakes and just some errors that we made physically that we’ve just got to improve on."

They have spent a good bit of time working on some of the issues they have had during the season in these two weeks following the SEC Championship game.

"A lot of things as far as the blitzes and blocking schemes go, making sure that we've got the right guys and the right guys pointed out so everybody knows their assignment,” he said. “Besides that, we've just got to keep on steadying the course and just following our assignment."

"It kind of gets to the point where linemen will pick up the wrong dude and then you've got to adjust and pick up their guy. So I'll end up on a defensive end or a D-tackle, something like that. Or just picking up more than what's coming to me, like a lot of blitzes, like they're bringing 7 or bringing 8 and we're just going to have to throw hot."

These are things that can help the offense take that step forward that they want and what will lead to a much better offense in year three of the Jim McElwain era at Florida.

"Coach Mac… he's just talking and stressing to us that we've got to get rolling offensively so I know he's trying to put together a plan. He's had some time now within the two years he's been here, so I've got my trust in him. I feel like we're going to be great year three coming up."

“I just know he's a really smart guy offensively and he knows what he's trying to do."



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