LaBryan Ray is ready to take his official visits in January

ORLANDO, Fla.-- LaBryan Ray is ready to take his official visits in January. The four-str defensive end discusses his planned visits and more.

LaBryan Ray is set for his January visits. 

“I know I have on the 13th I have Tennessee. On the 27th I have Florida. And it’s probably going to be Alabama  on the 20th, and then I’m going to take a mid-week.”

The Scout 100 defensive end has visited Gainesville previously, however, he has never had the opportunity to visit the campus extensively. 

"I’ve been to Florida but I haven’t been able to stick around there. It’s been like I would go there and just go for the game and then I would have to come right back," he said. "So you know it’s just getting a whole weekend to be in Gainesville and have a good feel around the campus. And spend more time the coaching staff, that’s important.”

Although former defensive coordinator Geoff Collins did recruit Ray, he says Collins' leaving does not affect what he thinks about the Gators. According to the four-star defender, he has a great relationship with the entire staff and likes the program itself.

"They play fast, fierce," he said. "They’ve had great d-linemen come through there. So that goes back to the coaching, and that’s coach [Chris] Rumph and what type of stuff he teaches. That’s really important. He is a great, man. You can tell on and off the field, he’s the type of coach to where if you would have a problem you could come talk to him.”

Ray is an Alabama native and many consider the Crimson Tide to be the favorite.  

“I guess it’s a little tough [to leave the state], because you have people like ‘Go to Alabama, go to that’. But a lot of people that know me, that play around with it, so. But they really know me, they know what type of person I am and what I stand for, and just know that I’m going to make the best decision for me and my family.”

 Apart from the schools he intends to visit next month, he says Mississippi, who he has already visited and Mississippi State are also in the picture. 

“I look at each school, the fame, so I can compare them, see what’s different from each other and go from there.”

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