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Canyon Barry and the Gators set to hit the road to face South Carolina.

GAINESVILLE, Fla-- Florida guard Canyon Barry and the Gators are set to face South Carolina in an earlier tip on Wednesday. He discusses the Gamecocks and more in the video.



How does the team get tougher for South Carolina: “They’re a tough team to play against, especially when they’re at home. The main thing that we have to focus on is just coming to practice everyday with the right mentality, focusing hard throughout the entire practice, sometimes we’ll have a dropoff about halfway through, so just really locking in. I think that correlates directly to our gameplan, sometimes you see stretches where we’ll drop off. I think that’s part of the game, but just trying to put a full 40 minutes together has been key for this team, and will continue to be so for the rest of the year.”


Won 7 in a row, is this a good time for a game like this:“I think every game is important. We don’t really pay attention to the rankings, we just kind of focus on the next game at hand and right now it’s South Carolina and they’re really well coached, a really tough team and obviously one of the best defensive teams in the country. We just have to stick to our gameplan and go in there and execute and they’re all big at thus point in SEC play. … Seven wins in a row, but again it’s the next one that matters you know, so we’ve enjoyed those wins after they’ve happened and tried to learn from them and then just move on and focus on the next one.”


How hard is it to guard Sindarius Thornwell: “I definitely think so. Every team in this league has great players and again, like I said, we switch defenses a lot, so the mismatches do occur, but that’s when you’ve just got to trust your principles and know that you can contain him and that you’ve got help behind you. Obviously, we’ve got great bigs at the rim that have been able to disrupt shots on guards driving to the hole. So, just trusting our principles and knowing that it’s not just my job to stop him, or Devin’s job to stop him, or whoever’s job that’s guarding him, but a team unit.”
South Carolina leads the league in turnovers. How critical is that, the turnover margin: “It’s definitely one of the keys to the game. You know, obviously if we can take care of the ball I think it helps limit their offense. I think we can be more successful guarding them in the half court than in transition, especially when they turn teams over they just execute at such a high level. So that’s definitely one of our keys, just coming to jump stops, not making careless passes and running our offense.”


Confidence level personally:  “I feel good right now. I think my teammates have a lot of confidence in me. I have a lot of confidence in myself. Obviously, I’ve been shooting the ball really well, so hopefully that continues. We’ve been putting in a lot of work after, so at the end of the day, I think everybody’s feeling good. Obviously, when you have seven wins in a row, you kind of can overlook some of the deficiencies. But that’s kind of what we’re trying to get back to. Obviously, we didn’t have a great game against Georgia. We were still able to come out with the W, but just really re-focusing these next couple of practices before South Carolina, try to get our edge back, as Coach calls it.”


SC’s energy on defense?: “You know, it’s tough. But you don’t really think about it when you’re in the game. It’s just basketball is basketball and we’ve all grown up playing it and we love to play it. It’ll be a tough game, super physical, but we’re just happy to be out there playing the game we love.”


Balancing academics with basketball: “It’s good. I really enjoyed the break with no classes, and now obviously getting back to it and labs and classes and homework and all that good stuff starting back up again. As Division I athletes, that’s part of the deal. I think everyone on this team understands the balance and how important it is to not only succeed on the court but off the court. Hopefully, we’ll lock in on the classroom as well this semester.”


Biggest difference in 3-point shooting: “I don’t know if there’s necessarily been a difference. Shooters go through stretches where sometimes they don’t make shots, but you just trust your form and keep shooting. If you miss 10 in a row, you’ve got to think the 11th one is going in. So teammates have been getting me good looks and I’ve been able to knock them in. I have all the confidence in the world that KeVaughn and Devin and Justin Leon and all our shooters on this team, when they get open looks they’re going to knock them down.”

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