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How will the Gators finish off the 2017 class? FightinGators.com has two mock finishes.

Florida football is looking to end its 2017 class in style. So who can end up in the class? FightinGators.com takes a look at who might be signing for the Gators on signing day?

Florida football is looking to add a few more stars to its 2017 class by signing day. The Gators are in with many of the country's best athletes, and they could realistically add two five-stars. So who will finish in this class? Bob Redman and I have two ideas on how this class will finish. However, before we reveal our two finishes, here is a look at how the class stands right now: 


Bob’s Mock Finish (11)

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Thoughts: Let me say that this 11 changed by three prospects from when I started the list at 5 p.m. on Monday until I finished it at midnight. That is how fast things can change in a cycle. As far as the list, I think we should remember to start December we had just Tyrone Truesdell as the only possibility at defensive tackle and that included Kyree Campbell who nobody knew about until he showed up on campus and committed a week after the SEC Championship game. Campbell is already enrolled and if they get anywhere near the defensive tackle class above it will be one of the biggest rallies I can remember for a position in a long time. If I had to pick one of the above that is the longest shot, I would go with Chaisson. Earlier in the day I was going to have LaBryan Ray on the list, but given new info, I switched him up with Chaisson.  I still believe there is decent shot of landing Ray as well or maybe instead.  

Jacquie’s Mock Finish (11)

Thoughts: Bob and my lists are almost identical except for our pass rusher. Although K'Lavon Chaisson is visiting this weekend, which is great, I'm not ready to pull the trigger and say Gators have a solid chance of landing him. I have always maintained that Florida has a good chance of bringing in Ray and beating Alabama and I'm going to stick with that. The four-star defensive end from Alabama has been quiet since his official to 'Bama, and I don't think he is one of those in-state Alabama guys that is only about the Crimson Tide. Although, I understand there is pressure to stay in-state if you are from Alabama. The last 24 hours have been very wild for Florida and things have turned around quite favorable with Conliffe. If the Gators were to miss out on any of these guys or have another spot - Robinson is a toss up for me between Oklahoma and Florida - I think Brian Edwards  or Eric Stokes are guys I can see coming in to fill the spot. 

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