Tuesday Practice Report

Matt Leach says he's prepared to handle the pressure. Plus, Darrell Lee voices his confidence.

If it comes down to it, and it certainly could, Florida kicker Matt Leach said he's fully prepared to handle the pressure of a game-winning kick attempt Saturday.

But asked if he'd rather have the chance to be a hero, Leach had another preference.

"To tell you the truth, I'd love to shut them out just to shut them up," he said. "But if it comes down to it, I'd love to be the person to kick that field goal and have it on my shoulders. That doesn't bother me at all."

His timing could be perfect. As Florida enters its game against the Hurricanes, Leach appears to be finding his groove. After a career-high performance against San Jose State, which included three field goals and five extra points, the kicker pledged to be over the problems from a season ago.

"It's very possible it could come down to a field goal," Leach said. "If it does, our special teams unit will be ready. It makes you work harder during the week. You just think every kick you kick could win the game. You never know."

As added incentive for practice preparations, Leach looks to last year's game between Florida State and Miami. Kicker Xavier Beitia missed a 43-yard field goal attempt wide right to lose to the Hurricanes in the Orange Bowl 28-27.

"Some people say he choked," Leak said. "But he just missed one. That's all it takes. If I get that chance, I'm confident I'll come through."

LEE GETS VOCAL: Florida defensive end Darrell Lee became the next Gator to express his confidence in the Gators ability to overcome Miami's offense. He said Tuesday he believes Florida's defense will find a way to get quarterback Brock Berlin off of his game

"We can probably force Brock into making some mistakes," Lee said. "I know he's going to be anxious playing the Gators to prove himself and that [transferring] was the best choice for him."

Lee said Florida already understands Berlin's tendencies. He also said as a result, Miami's offensive line and receivers are vulnerable to being rattled.

"Their receiving corps, I don't know if it's the same as it has been in other years," Lee said. "I don't see the depth that they normally have at offensive line. They're still good. It is Miami. There are quality athletes. But I don't see the depth. They don't have the players coming back with the experience as much as in past years."

When Lee was asked if he backed up offensive guard Shannon Snell's comments regarding the desire to bloody Berlin, he said he wasn't afraid of the added pressure.

"That's not really one of my goals, but if it happens, it happens," he said.

ON THE DEFENSE: Offensive guard Shannon Snell, who has become Florida's trash-talking spokesperson, defended the use of his big mouth. He also said he believes his bold words will help his team gain momentum.

"I've got to give my guys some confidence," Snell said. "A lot of people are counting us out. If I talk a little bit, it's going to give us some confidence as a team. I don't want people being nervous for this game."

WEBB BACK AT PRACTICE: Cornerback Dee Webb returned to practice Tuesday after spraining his ankle late last week. The injury held Webb, listed third on the depth chart, out of the game against San Jose State.

Both Jonathan Colon (knee) and Anthony Guerrero (knee) went through a light workout as well Tuesday, but neither is expected to play Saturday. Zook said he hasn't ruled out playing Colon, but that he didn't want to rush the recovery.

ORANGE YOU GLAD: Zook expects a decent showing of Florida fans at the Orange Bowl on Saturday.

"Somebody said something to me about, it could be similar to the Gator Bowl when we play Georgia," he said. "I don't know if there will be that many people. I hope so, because that just means it's constant energy, constant excitement and constant noise. I think when you go into a place and have a great crowd, like we always do, it's just uplifting to your football team."

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