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Insider Q&A on Fightin’ Gators’ Recruiting

Jacquie Franciulli and Bob Redman go into detail on the hot questions from our premium members on Gators’ recruiting. With less than a week left, there are a lot of questions on just how things are going this recruiting cycle.

Fightin’ Gators Question: How many D tackles would we take?

“I can see Florida take up to 5 DTs, since Tedarrell Slaton is being seen as an OL/DL target. [This number includes Kyree Campbell].” – Jacquie

“I believe the number could depend on the overall class and if they miss at a position and have an extra spot. I do think 5 would be the most, and they will get there if they miss at DE or really any other position. It went from the smallest number of prospects for the need back in December, to the greatest number of prospects and that credit has to go to Chris Rumph.” - Bob


FG Question: Any mystery recruits?

“Potentially :)” – Jacquie

“I agree and we should know more by Friday afternoon.” - Bob


FG Question: If we keep missing, do we fill the class with a bunch of backup plans or save those scholarships for next year?

“I think Florida will try to get to 25. There are still a number of good quality players that were not number one on their board.” – Jacquie

“25 will be the number they are aiming for, but I think as long as they fill those defensive tackle spots they want, they aren’t going to ‘reach’ for someone at this point. Saving a spot or two could allow for a transfer or two to come in during the offseason whereas they might not have that opportunity if they fill up.” - Bob



FG Question: How many more can we take?

“I see Florida taking 25 guys in this class.” – Jacquie

“I expect they are trying to get to 25, we will have to see what happens.” - Bob



FG Question:  Do we have 4 star backups for Elijah Blades and C.J. Henderson?

“There are some good defensive backs on the board including four-star cornerback Brad Stewart, three-star athlete Eric Stokes, and three-star safety Brad Stewart. Yes those guys are four-stars, but I'm a particular fan of Stokes and I can see him excelling in the next level. He can turn and run with receivers and he is undeniably quick. I think once Stokes focuses on just playing one position, corner, I think his technique will come.” - Jacquie

“They are going to throw in the towel completely, but going to be hard to match their star status.” - Bob



FG Question:  What happen to taking 2 QBs?

“I think the Gators flirted with the idea about taking two quarterbacks, but there was no signal caller they deemed fit for their system in this class. The one that did fit their mold, James Blackman, was a solid pledge to Florida State.” – Jacquie

“It definitely was a plan at one time, but at some point you have to decide whether taking that prospect is worth missing on another. High profile QB’s usually commit really early and the change in philosophy to try and add someone that could provide a little bit of running threat and also with a strong arm came sometime during this season putting them well behind the eight ball in terms of recruiting the position.” - Bob



FG Question:  Are we still trying to get Kai-Leon Herbert to visit?

“Florida will try but I doubt it will happen.” – Jacquie

“I believe that ship has sailed.” - Bob 



FG Question:  Are we bringing in any Other OL recruits this weekend?

“As of Thursday no OL recruits are visiting this weekend.” – Jacquie

“I don’t think so either. I think they were all or nothing with trying to add Herbert. While it looks they will come up one prospect short on the offensive line, they got two really good ones in T.J. Moore and Kadeem Telfort and both should compete right away.” - Bob



FG Question: Do we lose anyone else?

“I don't have anyone else on flip watch at the moment.” - Jacquie

“I am not anticipating anyone rethinking their commitment right now either.” - Bob 



FG Question: Other than Blades, Henderson, Herbert and Stone, how has your Mock class changed?

“Bob and I will have two different mock classes on Friday afternoon :)”

We go a little more into the insides of the recruiting at Florida on the insider message board, where we answer several more questions below...

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FG Question: Do you agree this class misses that one player who is the leader and actively recruits for UF?

FG Question: Why does defensive back seem like our biggest struggle to recruit? 

FG Question: At what point, in which season ahead, do you think our sub-par recruiting catches up with us on the field? For instance, five OL in two years.

Just follow this LINK to the message board for all of these answers and more...

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