Fightin' Gators Post National Signing Day Tell-All

It only happens one time a year. After signing day is over, we break down all the behind-the-scenes stories you want to hear about any prospects the Gators recruited during the 2017 cycle.

It is one of the most popular posts of the year and this recruiting season certainly had its share of back stories that need to be told. Bob Redman and Jacquie Franciulli give their insight on the ins and outs of the recruiting cycle and the various twists and turns the staff had to go through. 

Did the Gators want another Quarterback?

What was the real deal with James Robinson? 

What prospects got LOI's that didn't sign with the Gators?

Who were the prospects that silently committed to Florida at some point that didn't end up in the class?

Which cornerback is the most ready to play when he shows up on campus?

These are very few of the may questions we answer for our members inside on the message boards at Fightin' Gators. come check it out...


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