New Florida offensive line coach Brad Davis knows what is expected.

Brad Davis knows what is expected from him and his group. Florida formally introduced Davis to the media on Thursday as the new Gators offensive line coach. Davis discusses his expectations and more.

Brad Davis was sitting at the dentist's office getting his teeth cleaned, when he receiver a call from Florida head coach Jim McElwain

 "I’m very fortunate my dentist was very understanding," joked Davis.

Davis soon found himself packing his bags and leaving Texas for Gainesville. 

"10 years ago to the day, I was stacking papers, fixing coffee, getting cars washed. Sleeping in my office, typing up scouting reports, breaking down film. So it’s amazing, it truly is.”

The Gators formally introduced Davis as the new offensive line coach to the media on Thursday, and Davis made it clear he understands what is expected from him. 

"This opportunity that I have right here, there’s no leeway to come here and be average," he stated. "Coach Mac didn’t bring me here to be average, or to try and figure it out on the fly. I know what expectations of Gator fans are. I have to be great at my job. So there isn’t a day that I’ve been here, or a day that I’m going to be here, that I’m going to take being here lightly. So I expect the same from my players as well.”

Although Davis has not been a Gators assistant for long, he has already been hard to work. The first step into moulding his group is understanding them and more importantly making sure the players understand him. 

"I'm trying to come in really with no preconceived notions," said Davis.  "Obviously, I've watched film of these guys from last season. The biggest thing right now for me is to get these guys to buy in to me. It's not really what I think of them. It's what they think of me. For me to get the best out of these guys, they have to 100 percent believe in me, buy in to me and really understand what my expectations are of them." 

For the last week, Davis has been communicating with his linemen through text, calls and meetings. Each conversation Davis is spreading his mission statement and letting his players know it is an honor to be where they are. 

"The biggest thing right now is to get those guys to see the game the way I see it, to understand their purpose and more importantly understand the privilege that they have of being a Florida Gators. Those are the daily reminders that they get from me. It's not wasting an opportunity, to not take this opportunity lightly and to go out there and really utilize your talent," he said.  "I tell them, the analogy I've used with the guys the last few days, it's pointless to have a Lamborghini with a bad transmission. It's worthless. So we have a bunch of tough, physical, athletic football players that really haven't maximized their football potential. My job and why I'm here is to get the best out of them every day."

Once spring practice begins, however, Davis is not going to allow excuses. According to the Gators assistant, the players were warned about expectations in these meetings and phone calls and he expects them to perform at their best from the get go. 

"Day 1 spring ball my expectation is show them the standard and if they don’t meet the standard, there’ll be consequences for not meeting the standard," he said. "I have a process, and I believe in that process."

Davis told reporters that his players' success is the most important thing to him, not only on the field but in their personal lives. Once his players buy into that and he has earned their trust, he hopes to push his group to new heights. 

"Once I’ve captivated their attention and they understand how much I care about them. They will allow me to push them harder; they will allow me to go out there and challenge them; they will allow me to go out there and chastise them and coach them hard," he explained. "Our position is different in a lot of ways. When we don’t execute an assignment, when we have poor technique, when we don’t play hard bad things happen, catastrophic things can happen to other plays - not just a bad play, so to speak. So we have a little bit of added pressure and added incentive to go out and perform well. To me, we talk about being physical and being tough, it’s no so much about rah-rah. To me it’s about a mindset. That’s where I’m trying to really, really pierce these guys right now and really alter their mindset and really make them understand how much harder you can go, how much more of yourself you can give."

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