Florida guard Canyon Barry discusses the challenges that await the Gators as they travel to Vandy on Saturday.

GAINESVILLE, Fla.-- Florida guard Canyon Barry is hoping to end the regular season on a high note on Saturday, as the Gators look for redemption against Vanderbilt.

"I kinda feel like we owe them one," said Canyon Barry, who has not forgotten Florida's 68-66 loss to Vanderbilt in January. "Obviously, at that point in the season, we won a couple games, I think we were kinda lax in our mentality and they took it to us at home, which definitely hurt us down the road with SEC standings and potentially winning an SEC championship. I think we learned from it, adapted, came together as a team and kind of kick started our energy, our defense, again. Hopefully we can go down there and kind of pay them back.”

Vandy certainly gave the Gators something to think about in that game. In the two point loss, Mike White told reporters after the game, his team lacked maturity in several instances and failed to communicate. 

“I don’t know what to do. We’ve got to figure it out,” White said after the loss. “I’m at a complete loss of what to do with our communication level. The entire focus for this game, the entire scouting report, hours and hours and hours went into it. … I guess I didn’t do a good enough job explaining it.

Fast forward a few weeks later and the Gators seem to be moving int he right direction, however, Barry understands they need to remain disciplined if they want to end the regular season on a high note and demonstrate the maturity that has come with experience. 

"They’re a great offensive team and when you have five people on the floor at a time that can shoot the three, it really puts a strain on your defense. You’ve gotta give them credit." said Barry.  "They’re a great offensive team, but at the same time we can be a lot better defensively than what we played at home." 

The most important thing for Florida, communication. 

“ We didn’t guard their actions well, didn’t talk on defense, gave up open threes to some of the best shooters in the conference," added Barry. "Going into this game, the game plan’s pretty much the same, just gotta be better on defense, talk a lot more and just communicate.”

According to Barry he is close to feeling 100 percent. 

"Still doing treatments and icing. It felt good last game, so I feel good again. Will try to keep it rolling and stay healthy," he said. "South Carolina [game] was pretty tough, just barely could move around, and then Kentucky felt a little better and then, kind of as I said before,  last game was the first game I felt where jumping didn't really hurt and I felt more explosive. Just getting back to normal."

Barry talks about Vandy and more in the video above. 

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