Gators meet the media at Sweet 16

Seniors Kasey Hill and Justin Leon along with sophomore Kevarrius Hayes took the stage as the Florida Gators prepare to take on Wisconsin in the Sweet 16 in New York City on Friday. Here is what they had to say.

Q. Can you guys just talk about, all three of you, just about being greedy at this point. You win one and then you have another and now you get here and just being greedy to keep it going.
 Kasey Hill: Just got to stick to playing our defense and that's about it. I think that takes care of everything else.

Justin Leon: Pretty much the same thing. Just stick to the game plan, and don't let any noise creep in and everything will take care of itself.

Kevarrius Hayes: It's about going out there and play hard. How bad do you really want it?

Q. What have you seen in Ethan Happ on film over the last couple of days and what's going to be the challenge of dealing with him in the post if there's some one-on-one situations?
KEVARRIUS HAYES: Basically keeping him off the block as much as possible, trying to limit his close touches to the basket and whenever I can make him score over instead of giving an angle.

Q. Wisconsin is obviously a team that's exposed a lot of others who have not defended the interior as well. How much more of a challenge is it without Egbunu there and do you feel like you've got enough games under your belt now to have adjusted to that?
JUSTIN LEON: I think that it's a pretty big challenge, especially with those two high level players. But I mean without Egbunu I think we have done our fair share of the job, because we got here without him, so I feel like I think we showed that we can play interior defense without him. Obviously, he would be a great help, but I think that we can do it without him, too.

KEVARRIUS HAYES: Pretty much what Justin said. Having him here would be a huge help. He's definitely the more physical counter part to our defense, but we can't sell ourselves short, even out having him, we played pretty good interior defense so far and I feel like we can still come out on top tomorrow.

Q. Kasey, a lot of the talk will be about guarding the inside guarding the interior with Hayes and Happ but personally for you, how important is it to get aggressive defensively and shutting down an elite scorer like Bronson Koenig.
KASEY HILL: Like you said, he's a great offensive player. I don't know about shutting him down, but I definitely can limit some of his touches and try to slow him down a little bit.

Q. 10 years out from the last Florida championship. Do you guys remember watching those two Florida championship teams and have any of those guys reached out to you this week?
KASEY HILL: I watched it a little bit, not, I don't remember watching it exactly when it happened, but I've seen the old videos and stuff and Marreese Speights I talk to him a little bit and he just said to stay in the moment and enjoy this time.

JUSTIN LEON: Like he just said, I don't really remember watching it at the exact time, but now I've seen videos about what's happened, when they were winning, so I mean, it's just the players having reached out to me, I mean no, not really, I don't really know none of them guys like that, so.

KEVARRIUS HAYES: Same here. I was too young to really understand what was going on watching it exactly. But I have seen old videos, trying to replicate what they did there to achieve greatness is kind of what we have to do here today. And I haven't really reached out to many of the players, but I'm still they follow and have their prayers with us of the us.

Q. Can you talk about the experience factor they have. This will be their 149 NCAA Tournament game. You guys have gotten a couple in, Kasey, of course, had his, but just do you think that's any disadvantage for you?
KEVARRIUS HAYES: I wouldn't say it's more of a disadvantage, just they have more experience than we do as far as NCAA play, but I feel like we're all competitive, we're still going to come out here and play as hard.

Q. The Sweet 16 but it's in New York and at Madison Square Garden. Does that add anything as opposed to if were you in one of these other regions?
KASEY HILL: I definitely think it adds something. Everybody who is playing here probably grew up playing in here one day, so it's definitely fun playing in here and it's going to be exciting.

JUSTIN LEON: Yeah, I think it kind of adds a little bit because like he said, a lot of people grow up thinking wanting to play here and then for us to play here then think about all of the great past players that have been here as well, so I think it's pretty good.

KEVARRIUS HAYES: Yeah, kind of does add a special feeling being here after so many greats have passed through. Now we can finally be here to try to add our name to that list.

Q. Justin, last game you sort of got back into your ways of you knocked down three of your six 3-pointers. Towards the end of the season you were one of the top three-point shooters in the SEC were you attacking Virginia a little bit differently and is that something you'll try and do again in facing Wisconsin?
JUSTIN LEON: I think I was just playing a little bit more freely, just had some confidence, because my teammates, that's part of the things that they kind of rely on me to do, so they were encouraging me to keep shooting and I was just listening to them and then I just end up falling into, I guess knocking three of six from three, so.

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