Gators break down Gamecock contests in advance of Elite 8

KeVaughn Allen, Canyon Barry, Kevarrius Hayes, and Justin Leon all had night-and-day types pf games in the two contests between the Florida Gators and South Carolina Gamecocks. Fightin' Gators went into the locker room in New York to get their feel on what they have to accomplish to win Sunday and make it into the Final Four.

KeVaughn Allen, Canyon Barry, Kevarrius Hayes, and Justin Leon have done so much this season for the Florida Gators, but there have been some hiccups. One of those hiccups was the first meeting between the Gators and Gamecocks where Florida got into a physical meeting between the two and played to the style of the Gamecocks finishing with the fewest points they have scored all season in the 57-53 loss. 

While the Gators are a good defensive team as well, Florida shot 0-17 from the three-point line in the contest and allowed South Carolina to dictate how the game would be played. 

Later in the conference season, the Gamecocks traveled to Gainesville and the game was quite different.. Florida, despite losing center John Egbunu a couple of games earlier, was able to play at a high level and get the Gamecocks moving at a pace more conducive to what the gators wanted to play. The result, an 81-66 victory. 

Now it is time for the two teams to settle it on the hard wood and at a neutral site, Madison Square Garden. Here are Allen, Barry, Hayes, and Leon to talk about it.

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