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Gators OL Fred Johnson is ready to prove doubters wrong about Florida's offense.

GAINESVILLE, Fla.-- Florida offensive lineman Fred Johnson and the rest of the men in the trenches are bought in to Brad Davis.

Things have certainly intensified in the trenches this spring. 
"Day one, as soon as [Florida offensive line] coach [Brad] Davis came in he brought a an aggressive nature to the O-line room and on the practice field," said Gators lineman Fred JohnsonThe way we run drills and the way we attack each and every segment of practice."
Jim McElwain brought in Davis to replace Mike Summer, after Summer took the offensive line coach position in Louisville. According to Johnson the line bought in immediately to Davis' message. 
"Definitely. Everyone bought in on day one," he said. "He came into the meeting room with a type of energy just to get the guys going and he is going to sit here and he is going to fight with us and go with us through thick and thin."

The offenisve line is not only benefitting from a different voice, but they are also benefitting from the same face returning with veteran experience. 
"Two years ago when we first came here, we were just young guys and we didn't really know much," said Johnson. "We were just trying get the roles from the older guys. We got put in that situation, and I feel like we can give more experience to the younger guys who is coming after us and who is coming up. You know how to handle each and every situation because we've been through it: how to handle school, athletics and things like that." 

However, sometimes it is the younger generation, like red-shirt freshman that sparks some attention. 
[Brett] "Heggie came in last year, you know he was All-American coming out of high school. He didn't belly ache towards his red-shirt year and stuff like that. I feel like he grew as a person and grow as an athlete. Just getting into the weight room and you know attacking the workouts and being attentive in meetings. I feel like last year Brett could have played whenever and this year it just gave him more experience and more attitude to attack the field."
The offensive line understands the offense is under a microscope this season. According to Johnson, the line and the offensive group are playing with a chip on their shoulder to prove they are as good as anyone. 
"Last year no one respected our offense. We are just trying to get out there and make a name for ourselves and we're the Florida Gators offense and we're here to stay."
For Johnson he is just trying to make sure his mindset is ready for the season. 
"Personally I am working on my attitude and just coming to attack the field and attack the practice," he said. "Get the workouts in and not just staying to survive like coach Davis say and the just work on little things like my pass sets and things like that." 

Odds and Ends 

On the young QBs
I've seen great competition. Feliepe, Kyle, you know, KT (Kadarius Toney), you know they all came in and I see them upstairs all the time when we be up there and like in the meeting rooms, and they are attentive, they are writing notes and when they come out here, they are trying to put it all together, trying to get things done. 

RB competition fierce? 
Thats the three-headed monster right there. They come out here everyday and just lowering their shoulder and running through gaps and finishing it up down the field. Sometimes they go like 75-yards untouched and if they're touched, they run through it and stuff. 
Whats changed in your game?

"My game has changed, basically last year I was trying to just clean up things that I was messing up my freshman year and things like that. This year it's just coming out with the intensity of 'I'm a third-year guy' and I'm here to make this offensive line better and improve all the weak points that people say we don't have, like a running game or how they say we lack in pass pro and stuff like that. I'm just trying to hone my skills to be above the bar."

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