Look back: Recruiting rankings for draft likely Gators

The Florida Gators should have several players go in the NFL Draft later this week. WE take a historical look back at where these NFL prospects were ranked when recruited by Florida and our thoughts on whether they were underrated or overrated.

We will start the list alphabetically and list those that we expect to get drafted in the NFL this week. One note though, with Caleb Brantley, we are not going to take into account his recent off0the-field issue which will very likely affect his draft status. This is based on perception of these prospects as players to this point.

We are going to approach the list alphabetically and give you the first half today.


Alex Anzalone (Projected Round 2-3) 2013 SCOUT RANK: #112 Nationally; #9 OLB


Flashback to recruitment: Anzalone surprised everyone in early January and flipped from his Note Dame commitment to Florida and enrolled in school a day or two later. There was talk for a while about him doing such a thing but that talk had died down and then out of nowhere it happened right before he enrolled.

His time at Florida: Injuries were the big thing for Anzalone… arms, legs, shoulders, just this and that and everywhere. When he was on the field he was pretty productive and when he played in the last two seasons he was really productive. He starred at the combine and his stock has gone up, the only concerns NFL teams will have with him is about the injuries.

Scout rank compared to finish: The analysts at Scout got this one right. Maybe his career stats don’t add up to his high ranking due to missing so much playing time from injuries, but his ability and where he likely goes in the draft certainly do.


Caleb Brantley (Projected Round 1-2) 2013 SCOUT RANK: #181 Nationally; #19 DT


Flashback to recruitment: Brantley committed very early in the process, but had a moment in December where he waivered and was looking hard at Florida State. The staff circled the wagons and got him back in the fold to end the process.

His time at Florida: He came in out of shape and really worked his body into a legitimate threat of an SEC player before the 2015 season. He had two good years for the Gators before deciding to forego his senior season.

Scout rank compared to finish: I think his ranking was fair if not a little shy of what he actually produced. Without the of-the-field problems of the last couple of weeks he was looking as possibly a first round take to the right team. Now teams are going to have to reevaluate him based on those issues. But, as far as talent, his SCOUT ranking was right on.

Bryan Cox (Projected Round 6-7) 2012 SCOUT RANK: #79 DE


Flashback to recruitment: Cox was a pretty quiet recruit. He had some pretty good offers to other schools, but when the gator offer came it stood out and he didn’t waste any time.

His time at Florida: He’s certainly had his moments, but not too many that have really stood out. His last two years were marred by a series of injuries that kept him from being as productive as maybe he should have been.

Scout rank compared to finish: I’d say his SCOUT ranking was about right. It may have been off if he was able to stay injury free, but that wasn’t the case. He does have a possibility of getting drafted which would make him above that ranking of five years ago.

Jarrad Davis (Projected Round 1-2) 2013 SCOUT RANK: #28 MLB


Flashback to recruitment: Spurned by the hometown Bulldogs, Davis committed to Auburn before Will Muschamp and his staff came in and made him a priority joining the class with fellow linebackers Anzalone, Daniel McMillian, and Matt Rolin. He was probably the least publicized of that group in the process.

His time at Florida: Underutilized in his first two years on campus, Randy Shannon got a hold of him and put him to work and he became a big time player. The fact is though, he was making plays as a freshman and sophomore, but they wouldn’t put him on the field enough.

Scout rank compared to finish: He and Quincy Wilson are the two most underrated players given their SCOUT rankings of 3-4 years ago. As mentioned, he got less publicity than any of the other three linebackers in his class and his favorite program Georgia ignored him during the process. He’s either a first round or high second round pick at this point of the process and that is a far cry from the #28 middle linebacker in the country he came in as.

Coming up tomorrow… we talk about Joey Ivie, Marcus Maye, David Sharpe, Teez Tabor, and Quincy Wilson.

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