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Hollywood Bob's Matinee; May 1

In this edition of the Hollywood Bob's tell-all, we answer the hard hitting questions about the Florida football team from our membership.

Step inside the confines of the insider message board as I take aim at our member's questions on tehe football squad. Below is a smattering of the questions we took aim at. 

Question: With a totally healthy LDR, rank the QB's from starter on down in your opinion for the opening game.

Question: I'd like to know a little about your thoughts on the plan on the DLine. We have some very good DE types, but are thin at what would traditionally be "DT". How do you see us making that work depth wise (outside of Clark and Bryan)?

Question: At CB, I am assuming they used the spring to develop a "baseline" of Duke and Chauncey out there in the event no one else can play the spot. How do you see the 2 CB's and Nickel shaping up?

Question: Will we be worth a crap on offense?

Question: How much expected attrition do you think happens prior to the fall? Any positions where it could leave the Gators thin?

Question: How confident is the team in beating Michigan?

Question: Will Mark Thompson be part of the offense with his propensity to put the ball on the ground?

And there are many more that we tackled for our members' benefit. 

Hollywood Bob Answers Member Questions

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