Jake Allen showing up early at Florida

Ft. Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas quarterback Jake Allen will be in Gainesville Saturday to enroll in school one summer semester earlier than most of his 2017 signing class counterparts. The seven week head start should allow him a little more tome to grow comfortable with the program and a bit of a boost in preparing for the competition at the quarterback position in the fall.

When reached Saturday, Allen said he will be rooming with sophomore offensive lineman Jawaan Taylor, and fellow 2017 classmates offensive lineman T.J. Moore and Kyree Campbell. His immediate plan on arrival is “just being a sponge and taking in all that I can take in”.

When asked what he has been working on the most in the time since the end of his high school football season, Allen talked about working on his body. He’s 6-foot-3 and now up to 205 pounds.

“I've worked on putting a lot of body armor on,” he said.


Allen will show up with three traditional drop back quarterbacks already on campus and quite ahead of him in terms of knowing the offense. That won’t slow his mindset in what he wants to do as a freshman.

“I'm a competitor and I wanna see the field,” he said.

With a top ten recruiting class, Allen was a big part of it. He says he has gotten to know quite a few of the 2017 class and one receiver in particular that he is looking forward to making history with.

“We're all good buddies,” he said of the class. “I've enjoyed getting to know Daquon (Green). We threw the last time we were both up. He’s an elite route runner.”


In simplest terms, Allen says he is a guy that plans on contributing to the program in a big way.

“(I’m a) quarterback who's gonna give everything to his team, and a quarterback who is going to know the playbook in and out as well as a guy that can throw some touchdowns.”

What does he see of Florida in the near future?

“A program contending for the national title,” he said.





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