2019 Southern Lab OL Kardell Thomas (Photo: Billy Embody)

LSU offensive tackle pledge Kardell Thomas is listening to other schools including Florida and Florida State

Kardell Thomas's stock continues to rise in the 2019 class. Although the four-star 2019 offensive tackle is committed to LSU, he has received plenty of offers from other programs, but is he listening to them? What connection does he have to Florida?

Kardell Thomas committed to LSU last July, however, the four-star 2019 offensive lineman is still being courted by several other programs. College coaches have  not been shy extending new offers to the Baton Rouge, La. native in the last few weeks. 

"As I get them I keep pushing and working," said the 2018 prospect. "I thank the coaches, but honestly it isn't overwhelming to me. I just ask God to keep my head straight." 

During the spring evaluation period, several coaches have stopped by his high school, Southern University Lab School. 

"Florida State, Texas, Florida, Kansas State, LSU obviously, a lot of other Texas Tech, Colorado State and just a lot of schools have come by this spring." 

After those spring visits, Thomas was able to snag a few more offers, including ones from FSU and UF. Although these offers are fresh on his mind, his loyalty right now remains on LSU. 

"Just coming to me with open arms and making sure I feel like I am a top priority [is why I'm still solid to LSU]," said Thomas. "No matter who they are trying to get, they make sure I'm good. It doesn't get better than that. You know when coaches get caught up in recruiting, they don't tend to talk to you as much, they never did that since they have been recruiting me. 

"They just tell me that I'm their guy," he added.  "I'm the one that is number one on their board, and they just want to make sure that I'm their number one priority. So they are doing everything they can so they can keep me." 

Although he reiterates plenty of times that he remains solid to his LSU pledge, he says he is taking advice and listening to other programs as well. 

"Nothing is shut down," he said.  "Coach O [LSU head coach Ed Orgeron] told me to go out there and explore other colleges but at the end of the day we know you are coming here. I just listen to what they [the other schools] have to say, and I do take it into consideration - like this summer I'm going to Florida State and Florida for sure." 

Both FSU and UF guaranteed a visit after each staff came in to their recruitment ready to fight for him. 

"They  just came to me hard out of the gate," he said.  "Florida's O-line coach [Brad Davis] he played and coached and taught at my school. He is one of my school's legends. We basically have a connection thats why I am going there." 

Although Thomas knows about Davis' reputation, he has come to appreciate the assistant in a brand new light. 

"First day coach Davis, first thing he told me was that I am going to get you. He said you can tell LSU and every college that is coming to get you, that I'm going to get you and you're going to be a Gator. He came in very aggressive and confidence and I liked that." 

In addition to Davis' reputation, Thomas already knows about Florida's reputation on the field as well. 

"Florida has a good program, they don't have a losing team. They beat LSU last year so they definitely have something there." 

The Seminoles staff have also started their recruitment of the highly touted lineman on the right foot. Coach Rick Trickett is the lead man, however, head coach Jimbo Fisher has also been involved. 

"I have conversations with coach Jimbo, my dad also had a conversation with him. They are just telling me to come down there this summer. They just want me to take a visit there." 

According to Thomas he is also planning to visit a few more schools in addition to FSU and Florida. Some schools he plans to stop by this summer are:  Texas, Auburn and Clemson, Georgia and LSU. So what does a coach need to do on these visits to try to flip the playmaker? 

 "Everything the coach has to say, they have to be telling you the truth and not trying to sell you something," he said. "I'm looking to see if he is telling me the same thing that he told me when I talked with him before. Thats a big deal. A lot of recruits just buy into things quick and not realizing what is going on." 

Although his recruitment has picked up the pace this spring, Thomas is focused on his high school team and what he can do to make sure he is ready for the new season. 

"Working on just staying low coming off the ball and moving well," he explained. "We have some good opponents coming up, and I have to have a great performance in order for me and my team to be successful against them. Also working on my stamina as well, because I'm going to play both sides this year." 


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