Wednesday Practice Report

Two offensive tackles returned to practice Wednesday, giving the Gators hope at the position for Saturday's game against Arkansas...

Florida's lineup at left offensive tackle appears to be morphing back to form as two players made their returns to practice Wednesday.

OT Max Starks and OT Jonathan Colon, neither of which has practiced this week, went through their first workouts. Coach Ron Zook said he is hopeful both will be healthy enough to play at Arkansas on Saturday.

"Jon went through all of practice, and Max went in for conditioning," Zook said. "I think they'll play."

Starks, a former Lake Highland Prep standout, missed last week's game against LSU because of an abscessed tooth. As a result, Colon started at left tackle. He has been sidelined with an ankle sprain since Monday.


Listen to QB Chris Leak talk, and you'd never imagine a comparison to former QB Rex Grossman.

Leak, on one end, remains considerably quiet and lacks much of a social life outside the locker room. Grossman, on the complete other end, never shied away from anyone and was rather fond of Gainesville's night life.

But it's a different story in the huddle. WR Kelvin Kight, who was very close with Grossman, said the two are eerily similar.

"Chris is just like Rex," Kight said. "He's just got that confidence. It's something they're both born with. Nothing gets them down. When something goes wrong, they just work harder. It's the way they carry themselves. Both will be like, ‘Don't worry about this. I'm going to make this play. I'm going to make up for it. Ya'll just have faith in me.'"

Kight said there's one other difference. When Grossman felt a touchdown coming on, he'd tell his teammates in the huddle before to the play.

"Chris won't say it, but you can see it in his eyes," Kight said.


TB Ran Carthon, who has been slowed by a strained hamstring, said he expects to be back to full health by Saturday. And yes, he expects to start.

Tuesday, TB Ciatrick Fason said he would start only if Carthon wasn't ready. The sophomore continued to run with the first team Wednesday, but that could change as late as game time depending on Carthon's status.

Fason, who was suspended from the tailbacks rotation for the Ole Miss game after a disagreement with coaches about playing time, said he learned his lesson from the past problems.

"[Zook] just felt like he had to put the running backs in during certain situations," Fason said of the disagreement. "I wasn't seeing that, because I felt like I could play in any situation. After we talked last week, I could see where he was coming from. I learned from that."

Running backs coach Mike Locksley said he's seen a difference in Fason's attitude since.

"It was a situation where they could all learn from it," Locksley said. "No one is as big as the team. We need to stick together. When your opportunity comes, you've got to be ready to play."

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