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Should Florida defeat Georgia on Saturday, three teams could end up in a tie for the SEC East. It may sound like fun to breakdown, but Ron Zook wants no part....

The scenario, it seems, is far from certain. But give Florida's corps of fans and sports writers a weekend off, and you're bound to end up with a barrage of what-ifs.

So what if Florida defeats Georgia on Saturday? And what if the Gators, the Bulldogs and Tennessee all win the rest of their games?

Who represents the Southeastern Conference East in the championship?

Here's the problem. Under such circumstances, all teams would finish with an overall SEC record of 6-2. All teams would finish 1-1 in head-to-head matchups. And all teams would be 4-1 in the East.

Keep going down the list of SEC tiebreaker rules, and you won't find an answer until the seventh stipulation – a free-for-all vote by all remaining athletic directors.

Sure, it seems fun to fathom the fate of three teams. But Florida coach Ron Zook doesn't want anything to do with it.

His opinion of a vote? Don't even think about asking.

"I don't want to talk about that," Zook said. "First of all, it doesn't make any difference. That's why I don't like [the players] talking to [the media]. You get them thinking about something that has nothing to do with what we have to do. What they think and what I think makes no difference. We have one thing to do. And if we don't take care of it, it doesn't matter anyway. So just write what you want to write."


Georgia cornerback Decory Bryant, a former Lake Highland Prep standout, underwent surgery Sunday morning after injuring his neck a day earlier in the Bulldogs 16-13 win against Alabama-Birmingham.

The Orlando native was admitted to St. Mary's Hospital in Athens. Medical records were not released, and the university cannot legally comment. However, The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported Monday that Bryant underwent surgery to have a rod inserted into his neck.

Two university athletic department officials anonymously told the paper he broke the third and fourth vertebrae in his neck and stretched his spine on a kickoff return. The officials also said the senior hadn't lost any feeling in his limbs. The injury would likely end his football career.

Bryant, one of the Bulldogs' most experienced seniors, started every game this season at cornerback. Sophomore Tim Jennings likely will replace him in Saturday's game against the Gators.

While at Lake Highland Prep, Bryant was named to the Sentinel's All-State Team as he led his team to the semifinals of the state playoffs in his senior season.


It seems a rash of injuries that swept through Georgia's roster won't severely impact playing time against Florida.

Despite 10 players currently rehabilitating injuries, including All-American DE David Pollack (right knee), only two are likely to be sidelined. Bryant and back-up DE Ray Gant (leg) will miss the game.

Regardless, Coach Ron Zook said he doesn't buy into the long list of injuries. Asked if he felt Georgia was as banged up as they are leading on, Zook said, "No."

"I don't think it matters," Zook said. "This is my seventh [game against Georgia], and I don't believe it matters whether you're tired or banged up. I told our guys, ‘Don't go playing that game. They will play their best game Saturday.'"


Florida, unlike Georgia, appears to be without any serious injuries as game preparations began Monday. "We're as healthy as we could possibly be," Zook said.

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